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septembrie 28, 2011

Abbas: Don’t budge to American pressure

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by Khalid Amayreh

In a new brazen provocation that flies in the face of everyone and anyone wishing to retain a glimmer of hope for peace in this part of the world, Israel has announced plans to build more than a thousand settler units in occupied Arab land near Bethlehem .

The announcement is considered a real insult to the entire international community, whose representatives at the UN have just been affronted with a new dose of Benyamin Netanyahu‘s lies about Israel’s desire for peace.

It is an insult to the Quartet (US, EU, Russia , and UN) which only a few days ago announced plans for the resumption of so-called peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

It is specifically an insult to America, which Israel and American Jews have flushed down history’s toilet. The Obama administration, which shakes in fear at the very thought of upsetting Israel, firmly opposed the Palestinian bid to gain UN membership, arguing that Palestinian statehood could only be achieved through negotiations.

Needless to say, the Israeli affront should be quite embarrassing for American officials. However, in order for one to be embarrassed, one would have to have at least a semblance of honor, dignity and rectitude, qualities that most American politicians lost a long time ago.

In any case, one can’t give what one doesn’t possess.

True, the American State Department has issued statements critical of the Israeli decision. However, one doesn’t have to have a high IQ to realize that such idle statements are disingenuous, meaningless, and have no real significance.

Indeed, hundreds of such statements had been issued, but Israel had always had its way, and the political whores of Washington had to shut up, because otherwise, they would be fired, even in a disgraceful manner. Remember Andrew Young.!!!

Now, how will PA President Mahmoud Abbas relate to the recommendation of the Quartet to resume talks between an arrogant Israel and weak PA, reduced to a vanquished supplicant that must beg even the oxygen of life from Israel?

Many Palestinians have been unduly carried away by the euphoria of the Abbas’s speech at the UN General Assembly. The feeling, though genuine and understandable given decades of unrelenting Palestinian suffering, is never the less premature and certainly disproportionately exaggerated.

In the final analysis, speeches alone, even eloquent speeches, don’t liberate a homeland and don’t free a people from the nefarious stranglehold of the most evil and Nazi-minded foreign military occupation in history.

The Israeli announcement of plans to build more settlements is a real vindication of those Palestinians who reacted to Abbas’s speech with a degree of reservation and circumspection, even suspicion.

It is hoped that with this latest deliberate affront by the Zio-Nazi government of Benyamin Netanyahu, and with the utter failure of the Obama administration to do anything about it -apart from issuing tired and disingenuous statements that we have heard ad nauseam- the Palestinian leadership will pay no attention to American assurances or promises. After all, all these have proven to be utterly mendacious and disingenuous.

Hence, Abbas must free himself and his leadership from the vulnerability to be deceived, cajoled and mesmerized by America’s lies.

If he doesn’t, however, and „Haleema returns to her old habbit,” as the Palestinian adage goes, then I am afraid Abbas will lose esteem, stature and support among most Palestinians.
He must not agree to resume talks with this manifestly criminal government of Israel. This government doesn’t want peace and anyone thinking otherwise is either drunk, or daydreaming or both.

How could Israel be truly seeking peace when the Zionist entity continues to build settlements on occupied land and transfer hundreds of thousands of its citizens to live on land that belongs to another people?

Israel claims that the occupied land of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza is a disputed territory. Well, then why does Israel keep devouring the „disputed” piece of cheese to the point that very little of it is left anyway?

In light, there can be no peace with this Nazi-like entity.

Finally, the Israeli settlement expansion affront is also an insult to the new rulers of Egypt who only recently reasserted their commitment to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty of 1979.

It is an insult because none of that hapless treaty’s terms stipulate that Israel has a carte blanch to steal and colonize Palestinian land in the West Bank.

This means that the Egyptian government has a legitimate right, even a national and Islamic duty, to abrogate or at least stop observing commitments stipulated under that treaty.

In any case, the Egyptian people and other Arab peoples everywhere will soon force their leaders to put an end the notorious and disgraceful discourse of complacency vis-à-vis the Zionist regime.

Complacency toward Israel can really be fatal and disastrous. Israel is a definitive malignancy which if not eradicated will metastasize everywhere, sowing death and decay.
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