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Octombrie 1, 2011

Kudos Mr. Abbas‏, the „tragic hero”: Security coordination between PA and IOF continues despite statehood bid

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„Kudos” Mr. Abbas‏, the „tragic hero”: „Abbas would „now implement quickly the reconciliation agreement…would act quickly and decisively to really promote popular unarmed resistance throughout Palestine.” In other words, Hamas and resistance factions should willingly lay arms or othetwise.”

Promoting popular unarmed resistance in Action:

Security coordination between PA and IOF continues despite statehood bid

[ 30/09/2011 – 09:48 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz, the head of the Israeli „civil administration” in the West Bank has asserted Thursday that thesecurity coordination between the PA security forces and their Israeli counterparts continueswithout interruption.
He also added that the PA bid for statehood at the UN this month hasn’t affected the security coordination, describing it as „vital” and that it was the only way to bridle and fight the Palestinian resistance.
He also alleged that by virtue of the security coordination between the PA security forces and the IOF troops, a group of Hamas fighters werearrested in Al-Khalil city, south of the West Bank, before they carryout „lethal” military attacks against Israeli targets.
Moreover, the IOF officer made it clear that the PA bid for statehood at the UN has nothing to do with the security coordination being an independent activity that must be continued under „all circumstances”.
In the West Bank, the PA security forces served dozens of summonses for Palestinian youths, students, and employees suspected of being sympathetic toward Hamas and put them in detention from morning till evening without interrogating them, an officer then comes and tells to come the following day. This situation continues for one or two weeks.
Hundreds of Hamas supporters were arrested and detained in the PA jails, many of them fathers and husbands, for nearly four years now without charge or trial despite the people’s clamors to immediately release them.

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