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Octombrie 19, 2011

Israeli policeman charged with selling bombs to criminal elements

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A member of an elite Israel Police unit has been charged with selling explosive devices to criminal elements, a gag order lifted by the Tel Aviv District Court indicated on Wendesday.

The police officer admitted to selling arms to criminals during his service in the Israel Defense Forces, however alleged that he had ceased such activities ever since joining the police. The court remanded his arrest till Friday.

The suspect claimed that, as a result of his being raised in a rough neighborhood, he came to know several criminals personally, a fact which led to one transaction, when he was still a soldier around a decade ago, in which he provided criminal elements with a bomb.

According to the charges revealed on Wednesday, police investigators were able to track down the rogue officer after finding his DNA on an explosive device detonated in a suspected gangland assassination attempt.

Police officers then arrived at the suspect’s home and conducted a search that unearthed another explosive device.

The probe was then transferred to Israel Police’s internal infestations unit, and led to his arrest in Jerusalem. However, since the alleged crimes took place when he was still a soldier, the investigation was moved again, this time to the police’s Dan District.



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