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Noiembrie 21, 2011

Jonathan Pollard ? Mergi sau crapa (Sven Hasel)

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BOO HOO HOOO HOO HOO–Jonathan Pollard won’t survive another year of U.S. jail, wife says


In statement released by campaign for convicted Israeli spy’s freedom 26 years into his sentence, Esther Pollard claims medical complications were preventing her husband from accepting visits, making phone calls.


Jonathan Pollard’s medical condition won’t enable him to survive through another year of jail, his wife was quoted as saying in a statement on Monday, 26 years into the convicted Israeli spy’s prison sentence.

Pollard, who was convicted of espionage for Israel and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1986, has been suffering from many medical complications in his gallbladder and kidneys, undergoing an emergency operation in August of this year.

In a statement released by the campaign for Pollard’s release, Esther Pollard expressed fears that her husband could die as a result of his medical complications, saying: “I’m afraid he won’t be able to survive another year of this.”

“In the last few months it has happened often that he could not garner enough strength to get to the phone and use the few minutes he has to contact the outside world. He has terrible kidney complications that are causing him excruciating pain,” Pollard said, adding after “26 years all his systems are feeble and we both know that the next emergency hospitalization or operation are just a matter a time, and that no one is promising us he’ll make it through.”

The convicted Israeli spy’s wife also commented on her husband’s inability to accept visitors in prison, saying that in “the past we would arrange a visit for anyone who could possibly do something to advance his release, as soon as we settled things as far as prison protocol goes.”

“In the last year, as Jonathan’s [medical] condition became worse he was too weak to even sit through a one-hour visit. I feel he’s withering away in front of my very eyes,” Pollard said.

The statement released by the campaign to release Pollard for the twenty-sixth anniversary of his incarceration, also quoted an unnamed U.S. official who had allegedly opposed Pollard’s release in the past, as saying that he felt obligated to act now, adding that as an American it was important to prevent the convicted Israeli spy from dying in jail.

Pollard’s lengthy prison sentence made headlines last month, when U.S. President Joe Biden denied he said Pollard would be released “over his dead body,” telling U.S. Jewish leaders, however, that the sentiment expressed in his rejection was his own.

Referring to the convicted Israeli spy, Biden was quoted by the New York Times as telling Florida rabbis that U.S. President Obama “was considering clemency, but I told him, ‘Over my dead body are we going to let him out before his time’’”

However, U.S. Jewish leaders speaking with Haaretz on Monday said the U.S. vice president claimed that while the general thrust of the statement was correct, his exact phrasing was taken out of context.

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents, said he, along with other Jewish leaders, approached Biden on the issue during the U.S. vice president’s Rosh Hashanah reception in Washington, saying: “He did say that things were taken out of context, but he was ready to discuss it further.”

“We said it was an important issue for the community, and he agreed to have a meeting on it,” Hoenlein said.

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  1. Gary says:

    Won’t survive another year in jail nor should he. Traitors like him should have been terminated years ago. The trouble is there’s so many jew traitors in America,that to get rid of them all you’d have to have a real holocaust.

  2. Ingrid B says:

    This is nauseating.. the traitor should suffer, but I doubt things are as bad as the witch is making out..

  3. Traitors and spies must be punished severely…..that includes all the cold war KGB SPIES Victor Rothschild, Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley, Michael Straight, Kim Philby, William Blunt, most of which escaped punishment due to death, blackmail, escape to Russia…..Victor Rothschild was a triple agent, working for MOSSAD, KGB and MI5 as revealed in THE FIFTH MAN, by Roland Perry, 1994

  4. Steve Wiseman says:

    If you read Antony Sutton’s books you will learn that the USA supported the communists in the USSR from 1917 to the day they stopped doing so in the 90′s when the American tax payer was no linger able to afford to pay the bill for two countries. That’s why the wall fell down. Communism just does not work, never has. You can’t kill off all your army officers, college teachers and anyone with a brain and courage as Stalin did, and expect to create a country.

    In other words, the so called cold war was nothing other than a huge scam that allowed the rich and powerful of the world to get richer and more powerful. To back up his claim Sutton tells us that at least 80% of all the technology used by the USSR, which included everything from rockets to trucks to planes to tanks were copies of USA stuff. The rest of the stuff came mostly from Great Britain.

    The USSR had no way of creating any of that stuff, until they captured the Nazis scientists, and even then they still had to rely on USA technology to build everything from ball bearings to computers. Don’t believe me? The trucks used in the Korean war and the Vietnam war to kill American were copies of US trucks and the MIG 21 used Rolls-Royce engines…And the tanks? Same thing.

    Pollard. fool that he was, was and is just all part of the “cold war” narrative. The silly but deadly game of make believe. Now-a-days, of course, we don’t need him for we have the war against terror, and the war against Iran, the worst country that has ever existed…until the next one.

    So let the poor bugger go…he paid his dues…Oh, and by the way, let Vanunu go to…he has more than paid his dues for being so honest. Make it a trade: one fool for an honest guy

    –note from me, MG–Pollard was not a ‘fool’ Mr “Wise”man. He was a traitor, and his treason led directly to the deaths of over 1,000 people. As someone who had a security clearnace as high as his, he knew that what he was doing would lead to their deaths. In other words, he was an accessory to mass murder with malice aforethought.

    Furthermore, given that Israel is still in possession of the almost 1 million highly-classified documents which they REFUSE to return to this very day, they need POllard released so that he can make sense of them. There has never been a breach in US National Security as serious as Pollards and professional people working in the US Intel community I have spoken to about this have said multiple times that we are STILL paying for it, no different than someone having the keys to your house and who can break in anytime they want to endanger you and your family.

    I do not know if your name implies you being Jewish, but I can tell you this SW–it is principally this kind of behavior–meaning excusing treachery and criminality on the part of those in the Jewish communuity–that is responsible for the reputation that Jews have carried with them now for centuries in terms of ‘divided loyalties’, and whether you are Jewish or not, the fact that you are advocating the release of Pollard only adds to and solidifies that well-earned reputation.



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