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Decembrie 15, 2011

Damned Lies, War and Money

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History of Money, War—All damned Lies! Part One:

by Tom Valentine

In spite of everything we have been taught about history, the truth is now painfully clear—there has never been “real money” involved.

Since Mercantilist London established International banking, the actual truth of it has been hidden in plain sight. If you believe capitalism somehow derives from deposits of wealth into banks, You, like me and virtually everyone else, were cruelly misinformed.

Capitalism is simply a grand illusion performed on the world by Masonic, Cabalists who created the means of financing otherwise impossible economies of scale out of thin air, and using that Godlike Luciferian power to enslave the world. Never mind all that crap about goldsmiths and receipts. It is all part of the greatest trick the devil ever played.

Coming up, is a synopsis of the events leading up to our modern crusades and the meltdown of the phony finance system that caused it all.

Two books, still available, Empire of the City. By E.C. Knuth and The Rise and fall of the British Empire, by Lawrence James provide all the documentation needed to verify this synopsis of recent history.

The “modern” world of our so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. The underpinnings of that empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is an 800-year old corporation that controls finance andphilosophy for an entity called the Crown. This entity is the creator and controller of “central banking.”

The Crown has never been the monarch or the people of England, since the establishment of the corporate body going back to 1189.

The Crown is the directorate of the corporation. (see Empire of the City by Knuth.)

Western colonization of the Americas, India, South Asia and Africa as widely taught in school history courses, skips over the fact that all the Crown colonies were established on a corporate model with financial ties to the City of London—not the nation of England or Britain. The Dutch used a similar corporate model with their colonies, but France, Spain and Portugal colonized in the name of their monarchs and the church.

The directorate of the Crown, whoever they were had no loyalty to any nation—they were, and are, devoted entirely to their philosophy which seeks absolute power over an Earthly realm known as The World Order.

For the last 300 years (1700 to 2000) the denizens of the Crown brought untold wealth back from the colonies to London—for themselves, not the people. Note: the populations of the United Kingdom and the “commonwealth” received very little wealth even though they provided the tax base and cannon fodder.

The people were invaluable assets of the Crown, but they knew not what they served—and still don’t. No people are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely think they are free (Goethe).

To illustrate this separation of power from the populace at the beginning of the industrial age all one need do is picture life in London at the peak of Imperial power. The masterful novels of Charles Dickens describe the reality of the times—impoverished people cheering a military that controlled most of the world for the unimaginably wealthy upper class. (Occupy, anyone!?) The corporate empire cared not one whit for those masses that cheered it along—by Jingo!

A unifying philosophy from Freemasonry allowed these banking and merchant princes to cobble together a world cabal of finance—severing themselves from all national and ethnic loyalties long ago.

The Crown may carefully cultivate those whom they make rich and powerful so long as it serves to conceal their identity and promote the cabal’s Luciferian goals.

For example, when one reads the history of the Rothschilds one can readily see how the game of high finance works on a worldwide basis. Incidentally, the Rothschilds kept control within their family while dominating Europe. They were not an original part of the Crown though they served the high cabal very well. The Rothschilds were allowed to control immense wealth, when the blue bloods of Royal Society Britainadopted the Cabalistic philosophies . The Rothschild family allowed itself to take the public blame for the poverty and misery that high finance brought down on powerless individuals in political cartoons and so forth, so long as the media of the day did not expose the whole truth of money creation and control.

If one wants to know the genuine motives for particular actions in history they are told to “follow the money.” But that is only half of it—one must also follow the philosophy—the religious beliefs of those in control.

For purposes of clarity, let the Crown always refer to a stealthy circle of power brokers who all believe in the Masonic philosophy—the brotherhood of man ruled by philosopher kings (or adepts) in league with Lucifer, the God of Masonry. One need only wade through the cumbersome book by Albert Pike Morals and Dogma to see precisely that this anti-Christian power-philosophy cleverly encompasses virtually all the religious notions ever conjured up by man.

Ordinary members of Masonic lodges, your relatives and mine, are to these adepts and their goals what the people of the United Kingdom and United States are to the directors of the Crown—mere useful fools and ”useless eaters”; masses of asses!

A dissertation on Masonry and history will be forthcoming in another work, but my purpose here is to outline the money-manipulated events that brought us this insanity of present day geopolitics.

There have been many key turning points of history, and historians love to dwell on the personalities of leading people when outlining what happened, which is useful for obscuring facts. However, while the people are surely important, events would have reached our level of insanity even if different individuals were in the roles played by the likes of Napoleon, Bismarck, Marx, Lenin, Lincoln, Washington, Wilson, FDR, et al. Since human nature is unchanging, the key turning points of history are always technical in nature.


Damned Lies, War and Money, Part two.

by Tom Valentine

Israel is a Crown colony whose purpose is twofold—to prepare the way for the adept’s philosophy of One World, One Bank, OneFalseGod, and to serve as the Crown’swedge in the oil rich, Muslim dominated Middle east.

A third underlying reason for the Crown’sprojected world war against Islam is simply “money creation and usury.” Islam abhors usury and Central Banks exist for it—the basic usury conflict is seldom mentioned by controlled media pundits today.

Suffice it to say now that the Crown’s philosophy is antichrist (Talmudic), and it certainly shows up in the way Christianity is treated in the mainstream culture and media. Incidentally, the mainstream media (MSM) are controlled by the Crown through interlocking directorates,thus the media always serves their purposes rather than the truth.

It is impossible for me to name individuals from within the directorate of the Crown with any certainty because they strive for anonymity, but their names are not important since we can easily analyze their deeds from the events of known history. It is by their fruits that we know them.

Any conspiracy nut worth his salt will tell you that “they” financed Lenin and Trotsky and Hitler in our modern era. This, of course, refers to an “immaculate they” which is my all-encompassing pronoun used to describe some high cabal—such as our very real Crown from the City of London.

In another paper I summarize the philosophical side of this massive conspiracy so that the events we use to illustrate it here make even more sense in a perverse way.

At this point we stay with economic manipulation, which is the bride of religious manipulation. (They have proved that money can buy religious fervor—today’s oxymoron Christian Zionists.)

Today’s insane geopolitical mess began in the 1880’s and picked up steam after the turn of the 20th century.

The Crown had worn out the taxpaying base of the British Isles for maintaining the Empire fiction, especially after costly wars in the “Raj” which is how they referred to India and SE Asia. Then another war to take South Africa at the turn of the century, so they simply adopted or usurped the masses of the United States by manipulating the US to take over the forefront of their imperialism.

The United States was steered into a Spanish American war of Imperialism simply to establish a junior partner for the Crown’s empire. With eyes on instigating WW1.

World War One marked the Bankster transition from London to New York. Incidentally, the actual homebase forCrown operations isn’t important in modern times.

Philosophically, Jerusalem is the most important location of these long-range planners.

Britannia ruled the oceans for more than 200 years, and established the Crown as the premier world power (money creating and lending institution). It became apparent to the Crown very early in the oil-patch game that “black gold” was going to rule the world’s economy—they correctly deduced that nothing else would be so dominant in the mechanical world as fuel for the machines. Petroleum fuel quickly became the most important facet of international economy. Up until oil became king, control of the oceans was the key.

Whill the rest of the world thought in terms of coal fired steam engines that dominated the first half of the 19th century, the Crown with its tremendous resources and control over academic and technical institutions correctly assumed that petroleum oozing out of the ground would very soon dominate all endeavors of mankind.

Until nuclear energy came along, oil was the cheapest, most abundant source of energy having a favorableenergy-in/energy-out ratio.

(One little aside here: history remarks on how Henry Ford saw the danger of the financial cabal and battled against the Crown his entire life. In bitterness, Ford blamed the “Jews” which illustrates how clever the Crownreally is at establishing scapegoats. Yes there have been Jews on the Directorate, and Masonry is very much a Talmudic philosophy, but those ordinary folk who call themselves ethnic Jews are also unwitting cannon fodder. The phenomenon of “anti-Semitism” or hating a Jew simply because he is a Jew serves the Crown’smanipulations well. For example, note how the “holocaust®” was used to forge modern Israel.)

The early merchant kings had honed their skills going back to the days of trade routes across Asia, so they easily controlled steamships and railroads at the dawning of the industrial revolution. Besides, the Crown also had a long-time controlling hand in all the insurance and stock exchanges worldwide. They automatically controlled anything and everything that could be called “capital intensive” because they created and ruled the capital.

For example, John D. Rockefeller had to get a lot of financing to establish his early “capital intensive” Standard Oil monopoly; The Nobel family of Sweden developed the world’s first major oil field at Baku in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea but the Crown took over control during WW1 in a diabolically brilliant plot.

Just as petroleum blossomed into black gold with the advent of Henry Ford’s auto manufacturing assembly line after 1903, the Crown realized the British Empire was on the wane. Competition from Germany was serious, Russia had always been a threat, and the United States had survived the civil war, which the Crown had helped to instigate.

The Ottoman Empire was also on the wane, while it appeared that huge amounts of oil lie buried beneath Muslim dominated real estate.

You can only imagine how difficult it is to manipulate an entire world population of stubborn and irrepressible human beings to bring about total dominance of all trade, all war, all commerce, and all money. It wasn’t easy, but they did it—their New World Order (not ours) is virtually here.

In the early decade of the 1900s, if the Crown were to maintain its worldwide power in the face of seething nationalistic populations, all with strong desires of their own, it had to act boldly.

So, around the turn of the century, not only did they cleverly enlist the United States in aggressive steps toward Imperialism by fostering the Spanish-American war, they also took South Africa away from the Boers, and arranged for the Japanese to have a very strong modern navy in order to keep Russia out of the Pacific. After all, the Crown had long prevented Russia from getting a seaport in any warm waters to the south and west, and there was no need to acquiesce in the Pacific. The Japanese stunning naval defeat of the Russians in 1902 did the trick neatly, and the Crown directors smiled silently as the Russian bear remained landlocked—and long-range plans for “pearl Harbor” were hatched. After all it was Crown armaments giant, Vickers who built all the Japanese ships and armaments.

There is nothing in the above recitation of history that is not well known—except, perhaps, the central role of theCrown. Historians insist upon calling it the “British” Empire, but the people of Britain had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The “Commonwealth” is an interesting term for nations who are tied directly to the Crown. All the millions of subjects (not citizens) in the Commonwealth have no say, nor anything to do with the Empire, except to play the same pretend politics we play in the US today and provide able bodies for the military and all the tax dollars. (and the corrupted politicians)

In the coming third part, key details of the “great war” billed as the war to end all wars are covered.


History — Damned Lies, Part Three


by Tom Valentine

Previously it was stated here that:

“A unifying philosophy from Freemasonry allowed these banking and merchant princes (the Crown) to cobble together a world cabal of finance—severing themselves from all national and ethnic loyalties long ago.

All that was required by these banksters was that all peoples thought that the money was real, without thinking about it, and allowed themselves to believe national sovereignty was a part of it. These private bankers were, indeed, more sovereign than the governments they bought with their mythical money—a fact seldom challenged by anyone, who wished to live.

After ensuring Pacific hegemony by providing ships and finance for Japan just after the turn of the century (1903) the Crown’s Focus shifted to the Ocean-controlling bottlenecks Suez and Singapore. While the brain trusts knew that Afghanistan was the land hub of Asia, they saw Islam as the primary foe of their world domination and today, hindsight tells us that WW1 was initially another Crusade.

Although the London based Moneychangers wrested the Suez canal from Napoleon decades earlier, the Crown’s eyes saw the Ottoman Empire as prime rib.

The Illuminati Philosopher Kings had infiltrated and perverted both Christianity and Islam centuries earlier establishing fanatic sects in both that could be easily and irrationally aroused—a most useful tool for these “high cabals”

Istanbul and the Ottoman Turks were already losing their imperial grip due to these religious faction games being played by Crown myrmidons, and the beginning of the murderous insanity now called “trench warfare” was epitomized early at Gallipoli on the Turkish coast. The Gallipolli butchery, where the Crown demanded fodder from the Commonwealth, especially Australia and New Zealand was so savage it inspired a motion picture in 1981 and several music videos today.

Here is encyclopedia version: The Gallipoli campaign resonated profoundly among all nations involved. In Turkey, the battle is perceived as a defining moment in the history of the Turkish people—a final surge in the defense of the motherland as the aging Ottoman Empire was crumbling. The struggle laid the grounds for the Turkish War of Independence and the foundation of the Republic of Turkey eight years later under Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), himself a commander at Gallipoli. (And affiliated with the Donmeh.)

Winston Churchill a Crown manipulator, is “blamed” for the “error” and horror of defeat at Gallipoli by established history, but VT readers have come to know the facts thanks to a book Terrorism and the Illuminatti.

In this book, author David Livingstone outlined the “Donmeh” ideas used to reshape traditional Islam and play into the hands of the Crown. Livingstone stressed how the Ottomans stood in the way of, not only control of the Suez canal, but of the massive new oil fields at Baku in Azerbaijan/Armenia.

Skilled Crown agents fomented the notorious Armenian genocide, (1915) Which actually wound up turning the oilfields over to Crown interests and the seeming error of the deathly assault at Gallipoli was only a Pyrrhic victory for the Turks.

The behind the scenes (conspiratorial) details are omitted from academic accounts of the “causes” of WW 1 instead we are told:
Nobody can explain how the war came about, especially at that particular time in Europe. The famous assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was insignificant.”

However, thanks to many “treaties” arranged in silent manipulations by the Crown a number of nations dutifully declared war against Germany while, at the time, Germany declared against none.

The fighting in Europe was utterly insane, to the point of the French army going on strike as millions of men died for no reason in trench warfare. The US population wanted nothing to do with Europe’s war, but dirty trick politics manipulated Woodrow Wilson to send Americans into the fray. Best explained by Douglas Reed, who did not mention the City of London in his famed expose of Zionists. Here.

Iraq was cobbled together from various tribal groups in Mesopotamia after the Crown occupied Baghdad in 1917. In 1921, following considerable strife, the Crown manipulated the selection of an Arab Hashemite (Faisal) as Iraq’s first “elected” ruler.

Then the Crown was ostensibly kicked out of Mesopotamia when the Baath Party came to power much later. The socialist Baathists were formed in 1947 after the tumultuous Damascus conference, which was a gathering of Arab groups attempting to decide religious archeology directions as well as what should be done in the wake of the fall of the Ottoman Turks.

The hidden hand of the Crowntried to pull all the strings of this fiasco, but many Arab leaders had become aware of the high cabal behind the political powers of the West. The Muslim leaders saw Israel as a Crown Colonyestablishing a foothold in the Levant.

The Crown realized that their manipulated sects of Islam would vow to resist Israel for more than religious reasons alone, and this historic “tension” could be used to great advantage by the manipulative, oil hungrymoneychangers of London and New York. Thus, the great war to end all wars continues today, under the direction of the same damned moneychangers—exposed by their greed in 2008, with the first collapse of their mythical money game.


History, Money, Lies – Educated Slaves, Part Four Not a Wrap Yet

by Tom Valentine


This gaggle of columns (parts one thru four) was a big bite, and we are still chewing it.

Establishing control of the blossoming world ofoil export was only half of the goal of the Crownin the machinations following both WWI and WWII. The two world wars were merely all one manipulated global-changing activity.

To fully understand where we are going, we need to delve into a little modern history ofInstitutional Churchianity because it is the combination of Jewish Zionist and Churchist Zionist belief systems that provides thepolitical base for America’s unfettered support of modern Israel and the never-ending wars of insanity and oil we live amidst today.

I distinguish between Churchists and Christians for obvious reasons—no Bible literate Christian thinks modern Israel has any scriptural connection whatsoever. Nor would any Christian, worthy of the name, promote perpetual war.

A post among the comments under my column recently caught my eye, and serves to help explain why I took the time to write these observations, which I first wrote up in 2004. (Not previously published, though The Barnes Review considered it.)

Here is the comment: “Is it that these super rich feel they never have enough? I have always had trouble understanding power. Is it a psychological thing related to personality, this wanting to rule people, to hurt people? I should probably look up causes for power seeking unless you or someone can explain to me what really drives power hungry people. I guess my Irish simple neighborhood mentality lacked awareness. I learned early how to survive and many years back was picked to be a scout but as far as big world matters I am missing the motives and driving forces for power. Just as there are borderline personality disorders there must be some underlying thing driving power madness.”

An excellent question, you, like most of us, are not a sociopath.

We have difficulty understanding the apparent drive for power, since it is not in our mentality from early training. Our parents were “ordinary folks.” Our education/indoctrination was victim of its times.

We get to bear the burdens and the label of “normal” which humanistic scientism says doesn’t exist. There is a ton of psychobabble to study on human personalities, all of it produced under the hand of Royal Society illuminism. Yes, Freud and his ilk.

Good luck getting a correct answer from psychobabble. I believe the Bible covers human behavior quite well, if we but read and study.

The reason I have emphasized the philosophy behind the Crown in this series is so folks will see where this power-mad drive comes from.

Albert Pike, who wrote the “Bible” for MasonryMorals and Dogma, emphasized that individual humans have tremendous “power” and “the Brotherhood must control this power to keep it from “going astray” from the goals of Lucifer.

Masons must believe they serve a “higher” purpose to strive as they do for power over people. Therefore like the Talmudists who inspired them, they are free to deceive, or even kill those who do not agree. You and I, friend, are simple humans who want none of this manipulation in our lives or in lives of others; In this way we love our liberty and our neighbors. which is very anti-masonic.

Read some history of the AntiMasons in American politics (1830s). It all began with a murder.

Yes, Masons profess love of “brothers,” and advertise good deeds, like Shrine hospitals, in order to deceive.

It takes a strong will to wade thru Morals and Dogma, to learn this. Few read it.

In a nutshell, Christ, on the cross and resurrected, fulfilled the Old Testament and accredited the New. The Roman destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, where God had chosen to relate to humans in the old order, marked the dawning of the Kingdom promised by Christ—a spiritual kingdom sustained entirely by individual belief, conviction and obedience.

Christianity is for individuals, and has nothing to do with nations since the ultimate goal is the spiritual, rather than an earthly, kingdom.

That simple fact, spelled out in the New Testament requires a profound faith, which is not easy to sustain through all the readings of Human history with so many Institutions and dogmas.

One more part, before this ramble thru history is a wrap, stay tuned, and please will some academics liven this up with challenges, I dare you. Part Five, The Crown’s “Schofieldism.”



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