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Decembrie 17, 2011

Zionism’s Invisible Wall inAmericais Cracking

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There is a Zionist wall in Americathat is suffocating the American mind and soul. It is invisible, it is mental, but it is everywhere.

It exists in the White House; in the newsrooms of major media institutions; inside the head of CIA chief General Petraeus and every other U.S. government official; and at major policy think tanks.
Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson said in May that what binds Israel and the United States together is not strategic, security, or political concerns but psychological guilt. In short, America is mentally enslaved to Israel.
Col. Wilkerson said:

„But I think probably a bigger reason, and one we overlook a lot, is the psychological angst that Americans have in general about their failure to respond positively, if you will, in the Thirties, when Jews were being harassed by the looming Nazi regime. … There’s some psychological guilt, I think, left over from that, and that guilt sort of excusesIsraelwhen it does things that are not in its own interests, certainly not in theUnited States’ interests, and are against our values and the professed values ofIsraelitself.” (Raw Story, May 27, 2011).

Many Americans, for some reason, feel guilt about not doing enough to prevent the Holocaust. This guilt would be there even without the poisonous Zionist Lobby injecting lies into the American public mind.
America feels that it owes Jews for failing to stop the Nazi genocide, which is an irrational national belief. It is not based on reason and reality, but pure emotion.
This is a stupid guilt complex that has crippled America, damaged its image, and harmed its national security. And it has been exploited by clever right-wing fascists in Israel along with their army of poisonous liars in America.
Criticizing the radical terrorists who have hijacked the Jewish people and the national identity of Israel is not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel. It is the responsible, kind, and right thing to do.
Surprisingly, a strange and hopeful change is happening in America. The Zionist fog is lifting. A rational, democratic and civil spirit is beginning to reassert itself in American society, even in circles that hate rationality, democracy, and civility like the New York Times.
On December 13, 2011, the cheerleader of the Iraq slaughter Thomas L. Friedman wrote:

„I sure hope thatIsrael’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, understands that the standing ovation he got in Congress this year was not for his politics. That ovation was bought and paid for by theIsraellobby.”

This is an amazing quote. Friedman is attacking a sacred narrative in mainstream American society. Is he breaking ranks and casting his lot with the conspiracy theorist weirdos on the political fringe? How is this possible? I thought that criticizing Israelor even casting Israeli leaders in a bad light meant that you are an avowed Nazi lover and a secret Islamist. Is Friedman taking a page from Al-Qaeda and Holocaust deniers? What will Friedman say next – that criminal conspirators in Israeland Americadid 9/11?
Just think about it. Today, Friedman is throwing the Israel Lobby under the bus; tomorrow, he will declare that 9/11 was an inside job. I could be wrong. He could be throwing Israel under the globalist bus because there is no room for any nation state in his fascist world government, especially not an expansionist and racist Israel.
I don’t know Friedman’s aims and motives. But they really don’t matter. What’s important about him acknowledging the unjust power of the Zionist Lobby in Washington is that it contributes to the destruction of Zionism‘s invisible wall of propaganda in mainstream American political discourse.
Once you go down the road of heresy, there is no turning back. Questioning the Zionist Lobby in America and the West is a heretical thought. And in periods of rapid social and political change one heretical thought leads to another.
Totalitarian authorities have to kill basic questioning of sacred narratives and sacred policies in their closed societies because political reformations begin at the basics and build from there.
Political reformations and popular revolutions form slowly, but then all of a sudden the tables are turned, and the fascist tyrants find themselves under the blade of public anger.
The totalitarian authorities in America and Israel launched a global Spanish Inquisition on September 11, 2001 to prevent the basic questioning of their sacred narratives and sacred policies. Modern psychological discoveries of the human mind have been used by the shadow CIA priests and shadow Mossad priests to protect their worldwide Inquisition and Terror campaign.
These hellish creatures hide behind „National Security” but they are not patriots and they don’t provide security. The victims of their Global Inquisition and their Global War of Terror are real, unlike the threats posed to America, the West, and Israel by al-Qaeda and radical Islam.
America’s constitutional republic has been one of the biggest victims of the Global Inquisition by the shadow CIA and shadow Mossad. The Bill of Rights are not recognized as sacred, but as garbage by America’s political myth makers.
And challenging state orthodoxy in American and Western society is not just a political crime, but a social crime as well. Being called a crazy nut and a conspiracy theorist in the 21st century is like being called a leper in the Middle Ages. To believe in „conspiracy theories” means that you have a mental disease and should be excommunicated from society.
Even „liberals”, the ones who pretend to be sophisticated free thinkers, disown critics of the official 9/11 story. They don’t want to be thought of as „kooky” and „nutty.”
But it is easy to entertain the dark reality that criminal murderers control the United States, England, and Israel once you open your eyes just a little bit.
In closed societies, unorthodox thoughts cannot be allowed to spring up and generate popular doubt about the established myths and narratives. That’s why the snakes in the Zionist, Imperialist, and Neocon armies always use the anti-Semitic smear or the conspiracy-theorist smear to keep a tight leash on mainstream American journalists and pundits who dare step out of line and question USraeli policy in the Middle East.
The snakes use these smears to protect the legitimacy of the fascist and militarist states in Israel and America that have committed the worst crimes against humanity in human history.
But even the tried and true anti-Semitic smear is no longer proving to be an effective propaganda weapon against critics of Zionist terrorists. Glenn Greenwald’s recent piece, „Exploiting the anti-Semitism smear now backfiring,” provides greater clarity about this new political reality than I can.
When somebody like former President Jimmy Carter is smeared as „anti-Semitic,” then you know something is not right with the way the Zionist terrorists think. If speaking the truth is equated with anti-Semitism then the term has no meaning.
To be called anti-Semitic in the age of Bibi „I am Churchill” Netanyahu, 9/11 False Flags, and Israeli mass murder is a badge of honor. It means you are thoughtful and brave, not cowardly and stupid. And it also means that you care about Israel and the Jewish people, because stating the hard facts comes before the creation of a lasting peace in the Middle East. A true peace cannot be constructed on the ground of lies, racism, hate, terrorism, and injustice.
MJ Rosenberg explains in his latest article called, „The ‘Israel Firster’ brouhaha,” that the so-called defenders ofIsrael are actually hurtingIsrael’s long-term security interests, saying:

„But I need to offer a clarification. By the term „Israelfirster”, I do not mean that right-wingers and neocons who advance bellicose Middle East policies are putting the interests of Israelfirst.
Far from it. They are putting the interests of Binyamin Netanyahu and his hardliners first. After all, if they were putting Israel first, they would not be promoting policies (such as war with Iran or the perpetuation of the occupation) that could very easily lead to Israel’s destruction or, at least, to the loss of its Jewish majority.
The people I call „Israel firsters” are, in fact, Netanyahu firsters.”

The only way to save Israelfrom itself, which is what former Mossad Director Meir Dagan and others in the Israeli military establishment are trying to do, is by restraining its crazy political leaders through internal and international pressure. And the same is true for America, where the military is against a war with Iranand the Congress is for it.
In both Israel and America, the dream of World War III is not a dream of the generals and soldiers, but of evil politicians, new world order banksters, and neocon „intellectuals.” This is a good sign because it suggests that the guys with the guns can possibly prevent a global catastrophe.
But if the generals and soldiers are not wise and brave enough to refuse orders to attack Iran, then global civil society must step in and put the dogs of war back in their cages.

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Chemi Shalev – Top Holocaust scholar blasts ‘Holocaust-abuse’ by U.S., Israeli politicians. (December 16, 2011).

MJ Rosenberg – The neocons have finally snapped. (December 8, 2011).


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