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Ianuarie 7, 2012

America’s Gulf arms to protect the security of Israel

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Myrna Qrona

With the end of 2011   Announced that the U.S. administration that the United States signed the two deals with the military of Saudi Arabia   And the United Arab Emirates for the sale of 84 fighter jets, „F-15” of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for this seventieth other fighter, and the estimated amount of the transaction is estimated at 30 billion dollars, and to provide the UAE-based missile defense has never sold   In internationalmarkets.

In this context, the view   The New York Times that efforts by the United States to sign arms agreements, but it is a kind of imposition and review of U.S. influence in oil-rich region, which are threatened by Iranian influence, according to the accounts of U.S. strategy.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest ally of the United States in the Gulf   Having had a prominent role in the Arab region, has tired Kingdom and its role is diminished and therefore, America is trying to revive the role of loyal ally through this deal, which in turn sell the aircraft stored in the laboratory the U.S.   Where the view of some experts that the goal of larger concerns of the Gulf of Iranian influence, but the U.S. is to run the factories and get some money in a crisis   Suffocating experienced by the United States and the movement is occupied Wall Street   That are suppressed evidence of the emergence of cry inside the U.S., and the White House had announced about the importance of this deal for the U.S. economy and strengthen the strong relationship with the Gulf States.

Has confirmed Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro to deal massive weapons between the United States and Saudi Arabia will not affect the qualitative military edge Israel in the region, said Shapiro, the deal aims to strengthen the defensive capabilities of Saudi Arabia in a time when the region the case of ambiguous.

Unfortunately, this resort is for the Arab States of the arms in the face of Iran and waste   The wealth of their people to buy weapons on the pretext of Iran’s growing influence, in turn, does nothing in the face of the threat of Israeli nuclear armament and the ongoing Israeli, and is worth mentioning that to prevent the Gulf states to use these aircraft in the face of Israel in accordance with the conditions that adhere to the seller the U.S. for inclusion in contracts for arms sales to Arab governments , while in the military gave the deal with the UAE, has announced   Statement of the Ministry of Defense that the value of the contract up to $ 3.4 billion, was signed on 25 December, and which will provide America’s UAE-based „Thad,” which includes radar systems to intercept missiles, and so will be the UAE the first country to be supplied to the system.

A statement by the Pentagon that the UAE will receive under the deal on the batteries of anti-missile missiles, along with 96 missiles, radars and a group of private, as well as training and logistical services.

The statement added: „the acquisition of this defense system sensor will increase the ability of air defense and missile UAE, and will increase the vitality of cooperation between the United States and the UAE in the face of long-range missiles,” as The Ministry of Defense to that between the two countries’ defense relationship is very strong, due to their mutual interest in ensuring a secure and stable Gulf. ”

And falls Alaskaraan Alomarkiyan decades with Saudi Arabia and the UAE   In the framework of U.S. President Barack Obama to establish a defense system in the Middle East under the title counter Iranian missile threat, and the outcome of this project, it is expected the installation of devices to intercept missiles on the ground and linked to sensors for missiles placed on American vessels equipped with „Aegis” missiledefense.

Interestingly, sales of U.S. arms to Gulf governments formed always suitable for pouring large quantities of sophisticated materiel technically Israeli army, which is the ally spoiled at the Pentagon in terms of the size of donations and aid deals and arms and had reported to the Israeli press recently that the Netanyahu government received with plenty of U.S. commitment what he called Israeli journalists close to the government for compensation quantity and quality to maintain Israeli military superiority in the region, has written   Alex Fishman, military editor of Yedioth Ahronoth, an article titled „There is nothing to worry us,” said the   That «the concern is now behind us, Israel and the United States Ttahnan this deal for more than two years, and Americans made ​​to compensate Israel with weapons and a series of political commitments and military, part of which in the areas most sensitive and confidential, and discussions were carried out between Israel and the United States under the title continue to maintain Israel’s qualitative edge against its neighbors, and I sat with the U.S. Department of Defense and expressed on the deal, item by item and asked for appropriate compensation for the level of the potential danger inherent in ».

Fishman pointed out that «the compensation deal is months aircraft (F-35)   With Israel and the U.S. involvement in the development and testing of the system (Arrow 3) the Israeli   But besides that there is a series of projects classified as confidential and Americans agreed to involve Israel, and Moreover, Israel’s demands faced by the refusal absolute in the past, such as the monument radars made ​​by an Israeli aircraft the U.S. serving in the Israeli Air Force, opened the talk ».

While Fishman reveals an article close to the Israeli military establishment Israel’s role in the preparation of such transactions and from   Tel Aviv to receive the price in advance, experts have focused on other Israeli arms deals to the U.S. in the Gulf against Iran’s number one enemy of Israel in the region.

Outweigh the expert estimates that the Gulf region will not witness the war that looms by the Israelis, especially after the offers power quality of Iran, which would impose the fact that the next is a cold war between the United States and Iran will be the theater Gulf and the Middle East, it seems clear that moving the negotiator Turkey’s Davutoglu is an expression of the fact that balances The move by Washington to lure the negotiations with Tehran and with the passage of time may find Gulf governments loyal to the west of the reservoirs, swelling will remain without a job field after he piled billions paid a price for it in the U.S. Treasury and remains keen Iran to prevent a slide toward confrontation by proxy may dream of Israeli planners to repeat the scenario the first Gulf War where the inset Iraq after the fall of the Shah’s regime.



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