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Ianuarie 9, 2012

Separating America From Israel, Reality From Myth

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Israel no longer provides the United States a strategic value like it did during the Cold War. Not only that, Israel is a strategic burden on the United States. That’s a big difference from Cold War days. At the same time, the more comprehensive strategist in me says that doesn’t matter because the connections between America and Israel are so great and so strong that geostrategy, political strategy, grand strategy, is of no consequence here. You actually take that psychological component up to the level of grand strategy and you say America can’t get out of this even if it wanted to.” – Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, from the 2007 documentary directed by Marije Meerman called, „Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel.”

„We Americans are the peculiar, chosen people—the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world. . . . God has predestined, mankind expects, great things from our race; and great things we feel in our souls. The rest of the nations must soon be in our rear. We are pioneers of the world; the advance guard, sent on through the wilderness of untried things, to break a path into the New World that is ours.” – Herman Melville.

In a number of previous articles, I’ve used the term „USrael” as a way to reflect what seems like the unbreakable relationship between the United States and Israel. One person on Twitter has taken offense to this term, and I apologize for it. The vast majority of the American people are not Israeli-firsters, but their voice is silenced by the hijacked government and media.

When it comes to U.S. government policy, the interests of the American people are not considered. On the other hand, Israel’s interests come first and last in any U.S.-led discussion about Middle East peace agreements.

But the term „USrael” reflects deep psychological and political realities. And I can’t apologize for reality. With that said, though, I will no longer use the term because I realize now that it’s an affront to America, and its political independence.

America’s independence from Israel and the Israel Lobby is necessary before there can be a resolution to the conflict in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Obviously, this is easier said than done. The problem is difficult because the root of the problem is not publicly acknowledged by politicians, journalists, pundits, and many bloggers: the big 9/11 lie.

America and Israel are both responsible for the 9/11 lie, so their political and moral credibility is linked together. The complete merger of their identity as a civilization and their imperial policies towards the Middle East was sealed on September 11, 2001, when the shadow governments of both countries committed an unspeakable act of evil, terror, and aggression against humanity and the laws of civilization.

Moments after the attacks, the evil leaders of both governments enacted a psychological siege on the global public mind. Call it a state of silence, or a state of mental siege. Questioners of the official story were not seen as committing treason, but as being paranoid and crazy, which is a worse offense in human society.

Since both shadow governments in the United States and Israel share this great sin, they can’t walk away from it separately. This fact means that the political and military leaders of the United States cannot cut off their ties to Israel even if they wished to do so because the Israelis hold the ultimate trump card: evidence about the clandestine 9/11 attacks that can bring down the world’s only superpower along with Israel if released to the public. As far as the powers-that-be are concerned, releasing the deep secrets of 9/11 is equivalent to putting nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists.

The crimes that bind the two governments, especially 9/11, are of such scale and magnitude that they can’t be separated from each other. America and Israel are really one nation in the 21st century. And this will remain the state of affairs until the 9/11 controversy is settled by the American people.

Israel Is The Greatest Enemy of America

Due to the symbolism of 9/11, the enemies of Israel became the enemies of America: Muslims, Arabs, and anti-Israeli regimes in the Middle East who correctly perceive Israel as the perpetual aggressor and war-maker.

On the afternoon of 9/11 the five dancing Israeli spies who were arrested by a New Jersey police officer named Sgt. Scott DeCarlo said: „We’re not your enemy, we’re your friend. Our enemies are your enemies.” This was a lie.

Far from being a reliable friend, Israel is the greatest enemy of America. History will prove this to be the truth. It is already the greatest threat to global security and Middle East peace.

But, as a result of 9/11, the U.S.-Israel alliance is welded in steel. The „West vs. Islam” political and cultural narrative was constructed by imperialists in America and Israel before 9/11, but it was 9/11 that raised this destructive mythic narrative up to the field of political reality. This false narrative has been used to legitimize the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing shadow war against Iran.

The question of how this dangerous narrative will be destroyed can’t be answered by any one of us. The forces of history will come into play. So far, political education hasn’t put this narrative out of fashion. People who are trying to educate the world public about 9/11 are scorned and ridiculed as paranoid-ridden conspiracy theorists.

Another problem is that brainwashed liberals are too gutless to question the official 9/11 story, while their mirror opposites, the brainwashed conservatives, are fully committed to Israel even if the poisonous relationship leads to the destruction of America.

America’s interests and security are not served by its close-minded defense of a belligerent and racist Israel that makes enemies out of peace doves. As Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says in the quote above, „Israel no longer provides the United States a strategic value like it did during the Cold War. Not only that, Israel is a strategic burden on the United States. That’s a big difference from Cold War days.”

The nature of the special relationship between America and Israel is connected to psychological guilt and political blackmail, not to strategic reality and security concerns.

The idea that America must stick by Israel come hell or high water means suicide for America, because the road that Israel is on has only one exit: self-destruction. By traveling together with the war hawks in Israel on that same stupid road, America will also be destroyed. And nobody wants to see that happen except the New World Order terrorists in Washington and London, and their mentally retarded minions in Al-Qaeda and other Western-backed Islamic terrorist groups.

Separating America from Israel can’t be done without first separating reality from myth and fact from fiction.

The 9/11 lie, which is at the heart of the special relationship between the two shadow governments in America and Israel, has caused internal bleeding in America, the West, and Israel, and apocalyptic destruction in the Middle East. For humanity’s sake, this poisonous lie must be pulled out of the body politic, which has suffered from artificially implanted myths and desperately needs a massive infusion of truth and reality.



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