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Ianuarie 9, 2012

Well done global Jewish Diaspora, you have created a monster inside Israel

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The rise and rise of Jew­ish ex­trem­ists in Is­rael – funded, backed, en­dorsed and often armed by the Zion­ist state – brings the issue of a Jew­ish Hizbol­lah upon us. Mark Perry writes in For­eign Pol­icy:

“I don’t want to ex­ag­ger­ate, but it’s time to call this what it is,” a vet­eran IDF of­fi­cer noted in a re­cent tele­phone con­ver­sa­tion on the Nablus in­ci­dent. “It might be news in Amer­ica, but it’s no se­cret in Is­rael. This is a very real cri­sis. What we have here is the birth of a state within a state. The birth of a kind of Jew­ish Hezbol­lah.” This for­mer of­fi­cer went on to spec­u­late that “what is emerg­ing in the West Bank” is “a three-state so­lu­tion: Is­rael, the Pales­tin­ian Au­thor­ity, and, stand­ing be­tween them, a rad­i­cal set­tler state.” Yehuda Shaul, an or­ga­nizer of Break­ing The Si­lence — a group of IDF sol­diers com­mit­ted to pub­li­ciz­ing the re­al­ity of being an Is­raeli sol­dier in the West Bank — is un­will­ing to go that far, though he con­firms that the se­ries of es­ca­la­tions be­tween set­tlers and the IDF has roiled the Is­raeli mil­i­tary. “The IDF is in the West Bank to con­trol tens of thou­sands of Pales­tini­ans,” he notes, “but they’re hav­ing the most trou­ble con­trol­ling the set­tlers. It’s quite an irony.”

Is­raeli his­to­rian Yehuda Bauer tells Al-Jazeera that a geno­ci­dal-minded, mi­nor­ity groups of Jews have the po­ten­tial to cause havoc:


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