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februarie 27, 2012

Jewish scholar: ‘How to neutralize Iran without a war?’

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Dr. Leonard Fein is co-founder of Jewish Moment magazine. This week the Jewish dailyForward has published his article entitled “What About Israel’s Atomic Weapons?which has some interesting “solutions” to Zionist entity’s problem with the Islamic Republic.

Dr. Fein begins his discussion with the admission that the Zionist entity do have 400 nuclear bombs including the thermonuclear devices – but Israel’s chosen policy of “opacity” (amimut in Hebrew), neither affirming nor denying goes back to the secret agreement between US president Richard Nixon and Israeli prime minister Golda Meir in 1969.

Then Dr. Fein admits that Israel along with India, Pakistan and North Korea are the only countries among 193 UN-members which has refused to sign the NPT and open its Dimona nuclear facility to IAEA inspectors.

Dr. Fein suggests that Israel should announce its readiness to open its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors – on one condition. “That condition: That Iran do the same“. And what is the good news for the Zionist regime if it go along with Dr. Fein’s suggestion? Well, the moral Zionist Jew expect Iran will refuse to agree with Israeli condition which will provide a win-win situation for Israel. Israel’s position as a regional peace-maker will enhance its image in the world community. Furthermore, it will provide the required “smoking gun” to Jewish Lobby to convince Obama administration and Israel’s western allies France and Britain to attack Iran and bring a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran.

I guess, the good Zionist scholar doesn’t know that Iran’s so-called “nuclear facilities” without nuclear reactors – had been frequently inspected by the IAEA official since the 1990s. Furthermore, it’s Tehran which has been demanding inspection of Israel’s known five nuclear weapon production facilities. However, since the P5+1, IAEA and United Nations are controlled by the Zionist mafia – no western government dare to point fingers toward the Zionist entity.

Last week the US intelligence agencies reported that “Iran is pursuing research that could put it in a position to build a weapon, but that it has not sought to do so“.

Dr. Fein, however, criticizes the warmongering Zionist leaders for attacking Iran immediately. “Just now, Israel and most American Jewish organization organizations are loudly beating the drums of war. But if war – or, more precisely, a massive aerial assault – happens, forget Special Forces, Navy Seals, Top Guns. The assualt extraordinary complex. Success is far from guaranteed. All of us of certain age have too often heard the golden promises of the generals only to discover that what’s been won is no more than pyrite.

Dr. Fein concluded his article by saying: “In that, I have a distinct advantage over my friends in Israel, whose press cannot easily discuss these matters, whose public cannot debate them. My best guess: The proposal I have here outlined will have no echo whatever in the Israeli political establishment or in the Israeli press. If, by some fluke, it does, it will only be to dismiss it as naïve. And I am bound to confess: It may be naïve. But explaining why it is naive, and thereby delving into other options Israel has, are surely worthy goals”.

That does prove Professor Daniel Bar-Tal’s (Tel Aviv University) 2009 study – that most of Israelis prefer to live in self-denial.



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