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Februarie 29, 2012

The False Charges Against Hezbollah Must Be Dropped

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 Facts Show Israel Killed Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Not Hezbollah.

„On any issue, our hearts and nerves, in what we understand to be the truth, cannot be shaken even if the whole world stood against us. For this reason, let’s talk logic, let’s come and talk intellect, outlook, convictions, data, interests, the interests of the Ummah (nation) and the interests of the people of the region, and the interests of Palestine. But nobody intimidate us with anything.” – Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, „Sayyed Nasrallah on Syria: ‘We Must Look at the Greater Picture, & Not Drown in Details,'” February 18, 2012.

„On February 1, The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (“STL”) announced that it would conduct in absentia trials for those Hezbollah members accused of involvement in the February 14, 2005 Beirut bombing.  The decision was made after it was determined that every reasonable avenue had been pursued to bring the defendants before the tribunal.” – Ryan Cox, Policy on Point, „Hezbollah vs. The World: The STL Announces it Will Conduct In Absentia Trials,” February 7, 2012.

On February 14, 2005, the Israeli government assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in a brutal attack that also took the lives of 77 other innocent victims. In the immediate aftermath of his murder, Israel blamed the Syrian government, but that accusation broke down, which forced Israel to be even more inventive and blame Hezbollah.

A week after Hariri’s assassination, British journalist Patrick Seale explained why Syria was not responsible, writing:

If Syria killed Rafik Hariri, Lebanon’s former prime minister and master-mind of its revival after the 1975-90 Civil War, it must be judged an act of political suicide.

Syria is already under great international pressure from the United States, France and Israel, each for its own reasons. To kill Hariri at this critical moment would be to destroy Syria’s reputation once and for all and hand its enemies a weapon with which to deliver the coup de grace – the blow which could finally destabilise the Syrian regime, and even possibly bring it down.

So, for me at least, attributing responsibility for the murder to Syria is implausible. The murder is more likely to be the work of one or other of its many enemies. (Seale, „Who Killed Rafik Hariri?” February 21, 2005).

Hezbollah also did not profit from Hariri being murdered. My understanding is that before his assassination, Hariri promised Hezbollah that it would remain armed and included in Lebanese society. The gangsters in Israel and the United States would have us believe that Hezbollah turned around and stabbed a good friend in the back. But it makes no logical sense.

Only Israel profited from the death of Hariri. Upon his death, Lebanon, a recurrent target of Israel, was thrown into chaos, and the reputation of Hezbollah, a defender of Lebanon, was tarnished in the eyes of the international community.

The truth that Hezbollah gained nothing from Hariri’s murder is evident. Let’s throw off prejudice and look at reality with clear eyes. I am not defending Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance, but merely stating the truth and defending reality. I really don’t care for Islam, but I do care about the truth, international law, human rights, and justice. Without these intangibles of human society, the Middle East will never see peace, freedom, tranquility, and prosperity.

It is clear that Israel committed an act of aggression and war against Lebanon on February 14, 2005, because it is the nature of Israel’s leaders to shoot down leaders, throw up dust, and then play the victim in the wake of the tragedy. Israel is the ultimate trickster on the world stage. It has a pattern of deception, murder, and terrorism. It is led by the world’s biggest thieves, liars, and murderers.

American journalist Christopher Bollyn explained how Israel killed Hariri in his article, „Did Israel Kill Rafik Hariri With a Precision Penetrator Bomb?”:

„While Israel was briefly mentioned as a possible suspect in the bombing, the mainstream media has completely ignored that possibility. The evidence, however, indicates that the Hariri bombing may have been a guided missile attack from the air, a common method of „targeted killing” perfected by Israel.

Israel has killed an untold number of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with precision guided bombs and missiles launched from the air. Last March, in one such targeted killing, the Israeli military used a guided missile to kill the quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound spiritual head of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.”

The world media has not even contemplated Israel’s role in the assassination of Hariri. To get the facts and the truth we must trust our eyes, our hearts, and our minds.
It is obvious that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is pressing false charges against members of Hezbollah. The controllers of the STL want to connect Hezbollah to Hariri’s assassination in order to divide and conquer Lebanon. It is not interested in justice. It is a sham. And it is playing a very dangerous game.
This episode is another indication of how international law and international institutions have been subverted to protect the interests of Israel and the United States. There is a deep international crisis that originates from within the dark heart of the United Nations. In its current manifestation, the UN is nothing more than an international stick wielded by the war criminals in Israel and the U.S. against their enemies and victims.
Lebanon and Hezbollah are victims of Israeli aggression, terrorism, and duplicity. Make no mistake about it. Israel is playing a sick game against the people of Lebanon and the international community. Israel believes it can sweep away the blood of her victims on the UN floor with America’s big broom. It has no sense of decency, morality, shame, and honour. It is led by a government that is hell-bent on war and terrorism.

For more information and analysis, read my two previous articles on this subject:
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