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martie 2, 2012

Israel’s Attack on Iran–A 15 Minute War To Save A Dying Theocratic Ethno-State?

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ed note–a piece we wrote a few years ago that in light of current events bears reconsidering.

As we approach that “great day of reckoning” viz-a-viz (what appears to be) the impending and unavoidable attack on Iran by the Jewish state, it is important to keep in mind the motto of Israel’s Mossad that “By way of deception thou shalt make wars”.

And given that indeed it is the Jewish state and her interests (and them alone) managing all aspects of the propaganda machinery for this conflict, we can be rest assured that–employing the aforementioned motto of Israel’s intelligence service–not an ounce of truth exists in any of it. From top to bottom, left to right and alpha to omega it is nothing more than a hologram and high-production hoax of sorts meant to prepare the collective mind for the before, during and after effects of what this attack is intended to produce.

By definition then this must include all the dire warnings/expectations of what is likely to be the outcome of this upcoming war. Using Iraq and all the destruction wrought on her by Israel’s most valuable attack dog–America–as a model of what’s to come, by logical extension then people worldwide would expect the same thing occurring in Iran–Innocent civilian life butchered in the thousands and tens of thousands…Iran retaliating with a barrage of warheads…Russia and China getting involved…Oil shooting up to $300.00 a barrel, leading to the death of an already-dying world economy…An explosion of violence throughout the world as Islamic elements pre-positioned for terrorist attacks are activated, etc, etc, etc.

Or, it may be that this thing is over and done with in 15 minutes and none of the apocalyptic expectations take place. Yes, it sounds too crazy to be possible, but actually, given current events, it is more likely than not.

Not that Israel eschews violence, human suffering and chaos, of course. Au contraire, she thrives on it in the same way a dentist thrives on tooth decay. She can’t do without them.

However, “desperate times call for desperate measures” as the old saying goes, and if ever there were desperate times as far as the continued survival of the Jewish state is concerned, it is now. As far as Israel goes, the real “existential threat” is not Iran, Islamic extremism or any possible nuclear aspirations on the part of Israel’s enemies, but rather the fact that these days the Jewish state has–for lack of more polite phraseology–shitty credit. Other countries (save America, of course) avoid her like the plague. Her ministers cannot travel abroad for fear of being arrested. Boycott and divestment campaigns are beginning to sound like music to a lot of people’s ears.

In sum, it is Israel’s image right now that more than anything else threatens to be the cause of her undoing, and this being the case means she needs emergency reconstructive surgery, and something strong enough to withstand the test of time.

Therefore, being a pariah and a vampire in the eyes of the world, what better situation exists in fixing that shitty credit, changing all those minus signs to plusses and going from a beggar thief with his hand outstretched to the guy with the keys to the vault then to condition everyone into fearing the upcoming “war to end all wars” and then have it not materialize at all? Better even, if–as a result of the war–everyone’s fortunes are raised.

The scenario goes thus–After a few high-profile false flag attacks by (of course) “Arab” terrorists leading to civilian deaths both in Israel and the West, like a thief in the night she flies in under cover of night and hits Iran’s nuclear facilities with precision bombs and with little to no civilian casualties on the Iranian side…Being that Iran’s early-warning radar systems are disabled well ahead of time, there is no confrontation. Israel flies out and the war is over before it even begun.

Before the fighter jets have even landed and before the Iranians figure out what has happened, the world is then carpet-bombed with news of Israel’s success. The war came and went without anyone knowing about it. Simultaneous to this, Israel gives her reasons for doing it–

“We knew…We had incontrovertible, undeniable proof of Iran’s weapons program, and more importantly, our human intelligence assets discovered Iran’s intention to use nuclear weapons against the entire “Christian” West…And despite the fact the whole world was against us, said we were crazy, called us all sorts of names and gave into their worst anti-Semitic instincts, we turned the other cheek and saved everyone…”

And as a final touch in reversing the maniacal, bloodthirsty image she has made for herself will say–

“See?…We don’t hate the Iranians…or the Palestinians or anyone else…We’re just here to try and live in peace with a world that hates us for no other reason than that we’re Jews…”

And, just like Netanyahu’s infamous speech recently before the UN General Assembly late last year where he waved “blueprints” of Nazi death camps before the eyes of the world, thus “proving” the existence of an increasingly-dubious holocaust, likewise Israel’s reasons for taking the action she did are proven right as well, and VOILA, she has now become savior of the planet, just like the overtly-Jewish character “David” in the blockbuster movie “Independence Day”.

Think it can’t happen? Well, as pithy as it may sound–think again. If these same interests can get a black man with a Muslim background and a name rhyming with “Osama” elected to the presidency of the US when America finds herself at war with 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, they can perform just about any brand of magic they want when it comes to “crowd control”.

As a result of all this, Iran is politically paralyzed. The conflict is over and anything she does after that will be viewed as an overt act of war, despite the fact it was done in retaliation to Israel’s initial actions. Russia and China–considered the 2 wildcards in the equation–are politically paralyzed as well, and now, instead of it being the world vs Israel, it is the world vs Iran and the rest of the Islamic world.

In short, she–Israel–has become the Messiah. As a result of that 15-minute war, all the protests against the butchery in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon and beyond are turned upside down. Goldstone becomes a war criminal in his own right for suggesting Israel crossed the line in Operation Cast Lead. The anti-Zionist/anti-war movements are cut off at the knees. They no longer possess any credibility.

In the meantime, all the arguments made by the pro-war crowd since 9/11 receive a fresh coat of 24 carat gold paint and are validated. A long, accusatory finger is pointed in the collective face of a paralyzed anti-war movement as the chorus rings out “If we had listened to you Iran would have the bomb now and we’d all be nuclear toast”. The Neocons and the Christian right become absolutely unmanageable in their giddiness. “MORE WAR, MORE WAR, MORE WAR,“ they cry out 24/7.

True, the Christian Zionists are going to have a tough time trying to make the present mesh with their predictions concerning the end of the world, but again, with a little help with their Jewish friends in Hollywood we can be sure they’ll come up with something.

In short, the only voice of sanity left in the world exposing Israel’s war crimes and her future designs on humanity is squashed like a grape as anti-Zionist groups, spanning every facet of the world, become a laughing stock, Israel comes out of it smelling like a rose and is then free to continue on in her religiously-inspired maniacal rampage in the Middle East (and beyond) for who knows how long.

In the meantime, Jewish interests in control of the world’s economy decide to open the monetary spigot in the immediate aftermath of the “war that never was” and–Abracadabra–people are back at work and things return to normal. Like Pavlov’s dog, these same people make the psychological connection between the bell ringing and feeding time and (particularly in the west) associate going to war against Israel’s enemies with an immediate aftermath of personal financial enrichment.

Again, if history has taught us anything it is that the Jews as a people have an almost inexplicable capacity for survival and that, almost always–“by way of deception“–they are able to evade certain destruction again and again. For them everything seems to be a fixed race where the horse no one would bet a dime on wins and they pay off.

If we thought Israel–with her constant disconnect from reality and her constantly reminding us all how screwed the rest of us would be if she weren’t around–was difficult to deal with before, well, then just wait and see what she’s like when she “saves” the world from nuclear Armageddon. As unbearable as she has been before, the fact of the matter is that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

2010 Mark Glenn



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