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martie 7, 2012

Bibi & Obama = Tom & Jerry show!!!!!

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Israel’s Prime Ministers, Foremost Blackmailers, Scaremongers and Paper Tigers – Israel definitely has no nuclear weapons PDF Print
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 20:25
Obama’s threat that US would attack Iran is all hot air. A bluff!!

By Matthias Chang   March 07, 2012   Future Fastforward

In a previous article, I stated categorically that Israel has no nuclear weapons and the lie that she has over 200 nuclear weapons is the most successful propaganda coup ever orchestrated by a state.

Israel is a barking dog and all it does is to bark and bark to intimidate, but fortunately for Israel, the Muslim world, especially those fascist Sunni Muslim states have been so cowardly and intellectually bankrupt that this intimidation has succeeded for five decades in preventing the Palestinians from waging a war of liberation. Saudi Arabia was the key factor in perpetuating this myth of Israel’s nuclear might. Saudi Arabia has been using the petro-dollar to bribe and secure allegiance to her agenda.

Anyone attending any OIC Summits can see how all Arab countries are so slavish to Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollars. This disease has even infected the PLO and as a result the Palestinians’ war of liberation against Israel has been compromised.

US Presidents without exception have been held to ransom by the Zionists on account of the “secret pact” made by President Truman that the US will guarantee the existence of Israel in exchange for the agreement by Israel not to have nuclear weapons, but subject to the right of Israel to acquire the technology to develop nuclear weapons.

If, Israel has nuclear weapons, each succeeding prime minister of Israel would not be in such frenzy and literally terrified at the thought of any Arab / Muslim nation acquiring nuclear weapons. Hence, the continuous demand by Israel on US to attack any Arab nation which poses an existential threat to Israel.

And to ensure that this iron-clad guarantee is never compromised by any US President, the Zionist Lobbies such as AIPAC would orchestrate an “existential threat” against Israel and demand that the US would publicly declare that it would ensure the security of Israel at any costs. And Israel’s prime minister of the day would play the assigned role of an “uncontrollable” warmonger so as to extract the maximum political capital from the US President of the day.

This is the ultimate nuclear blackmail and no one has perpetrated such blackmail better than Israel. North Korea has been portrayed as a nuclear threat and uses “nuclear blackmail’ to confront the US. This is a lie, a big lie. There is no need for North Korea to use any nuclear threat, though it has nuclear weapons. It is enough for North Korea to threaten to unleash a massive conventional attack on South Korea (thereby ensuring heavy US casualties) to call the US warmongers’ bluff.

Thus what is extraordinary is the fact that Israel can use nuclear blackmail without any nuclear weapons to secure her interests and impose on the Arab states her Zionist agenda of a Greater Israel. She has no need for any nuclear weapons when the US is stupid enough to do all the dirty work on her behalf.

One might ask, why would the US readily agree to be the bully for Israel? Simple! The Zionists and Israel’s central bank (via the global network of Zionist controlled Too Big To Fail Global Banks) control the entire banking system in America and decides who will be the President of the US. This is the nuclear weapon of Israel, and not the uranium or plutonium nuclear weapons. The financial nuclear weapon of the Zionist is the fiat money system, which in turn is grounded on the petro-dollar system.


Image by Hamsayeh.NetImage by Hamsayeh.Net


When there is a threat to the financial nuclear weapon system, as when oil is no longer traded in US dollars as has been carried out by Iran recently, Iran’s nuclear weapon (to trade oil other than with US dollars) must be destroyed. It is not the destruction of Iran’s nuclear reactor sites that is the target. Under the veil of a military offensive, the destruction of the entire infrastructure of Iran, the complete devastation of Iran’s economy is the ultimate objective. This will ensure that Iran’s oil and gas industry is smashed to smithereens. This was what happened to Libya. In the result, Iran’s oil would be traded in US dollar.

But one may ask, won’t the price of oil skyrocket causing massive inflation as a result of the war? Of course, and that is precisely the point. But, who gives a shit for massive inflation? I can assure you that it is not the FED and all the central banks of the world. The power elites don’t give a shit. The Global Too Big To Fail Banks don’t give a shit. This is because a high dollar value for oil means a greater demand for the US$ toilet paper. The high demand for dollar to purchase the oil would gobble up the toilet paper (digital or otherwise) issued by the FED. Without the artificial / manipulated price increase of the oil, the dollar value would plummet dramatically. What is preventing this from happening is the song and dance routine by Obama and Netanyahu about the so-called Iran’s nuclear weapons.

The recent meeting between these two puppets of the Global Financial Puppet Masters is another song and dance. Obama’s threat that US would attack Iran is all hot air. A bluff!! The article below published by the Christian Science Monitor is the best evidence of this stupid song and dance by these two idiots.

I have been calling the Muslims the world over to call the Zionist Anglo-American Empire’s bluff and to challenge these war criminals to dare attack Iran. Let me say here and now – Israel are cowards and will not attack Iran. She needs the US military to do the dirty work. And the US will not attack Iran on behalf of Israel, because its economy is collapsing and there is no guarantee that even with a barbaric war against Iran, and the consequent massive jump in oil price, that it will be sufficient to prop up the value of the US$ toilet paper.

This is the dilemma facing the Global Financial Elites and the Zionist Anglo-American War Party. This is the strategic lesson of the Iraq war. Although oil price did spike in the early stages of war, over the course of the campaign, price of oil headed downwards. The same will happen in any military adventure in Iran.

But this time, the attack on Iran will definitely bury the Zionist Anglo-American Empire and hasten its demise by a decade. Israel, US and the UK will become third world countries – I would even assert that they will become failed states.

There will be massive social upheavals the likes of which will shock the entire world. This is the price of the Zionist Anglo-American Empire’s hubris.

Obama and Netanyahu, I am calling your bluff, and I am urging the progressive revolutionary forces to call your bluff. I dare you to attack Iran and commit hara kiri!


The article below captures vividly the political song and dance routine of Obama and Netanyahu. What a comedy – better than any Tom & Jerry show!!!!! 

Obama-Netanyahu crisis meeting: Can leaders overcome lack of trust? Obama hosted Netanyahu at the White House Monday to discuss how to resolve their differences over Iran and its nuclear program. But the lack of trust on both sides is deep.

By Howard LaFranchi – Christian Science Monitor

The two men having lunch in the White House Monday – Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – have what the American president describes as a “functional” relationship It’s not a very warm word, from a president whose style in any case is not to slap the back of or cozy up to the world leaders he deals with. Mr. Obama is not the type to spontaneously massage another leader’s shoulders, as George W. Bush so memorably – and awkwardly – did with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Obama’s depiction masks only partially the tensions that course through the two leaders’ relations. The root problem is a mutual lack of trust. At this meeting the overriding issue is Iran, and the lack of trust goes something like this: Mr. Netanyahu does not trust Obama to abandon soon enough his emphasis on diplomatic measures (including toughened economic sanctions) as a means of compelling Iran to abandon progress towards a nuclear weapon; and Obama does not trust Netanyahu to give sanctions a chance to work, sparing the region what by most accounts would be a devastating military confrontation.

What sanctions? Top five countries buying oil from Iran. But the lack of trust was not born of the two leaders’ differing perspectives on Iran. Before Iran the sore spot was the peace process, a topic that – to what should be Netanyahu’s relief – will barely figure in Monday’s discussions. The problems began at the outset of the Obama administration, when the president startled Netanyahu by pressuring Israel to freeze new settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Obama smoldered when Israel chose a visit by Vice President Biden in 2010 to announce a new round of construction in East Jerusalem.


But a low point came in May 2011 when, during Netanyahu’s previous White House visit, the Israeli leader lectured the American president live on television over Obama’s plan to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by starting with border issues and based on pre-occupation 1967 borders.

The White House was furious. Might the best evidence that Obama is still not over that affront be that no joint press conference was scheduled for today’s meeting? White House spokesman Jay Carney is not even holding a daily press briefing Monday, leading one White House correspondent to quip that the Obama team appears to be in “duck and dive” mode.

This being a US presidential election year, Obama can’t allow his merely “functional” relations with Netanyahu to color broader US-Israel ties. In his speech Sunday to the influential pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Obama stated vigorously, “I’ve got Israel’s back,” and he made the case that his administration’s stepped-up military aid to Israel and closer intelligence sharing between the two countries is the best evidence that America remains Israel’s best friend and holds resolutely to Israel’s right to defend itself against any foe.

For his part, Netanyahu – who learned from the poor reviews he received upon returning home last May that publicly disrespecting the US president can be politically perilous – had positive words for Obama’s AIPAC speech. Speaking on a stop in Canada Sunday before arriving in Washington, Netanyahu said that “perhaps most of all” he appreciated Obama’s “declaration that Israel must be capable of defending itself, by itself, against any threat.”

Netanyahu repeated those words at the White House Monday, as the two leaders offered brief statements before a gaggle of reporters before moving on to private conversation. Each leader repeated his theme: Obama said that while he believes diplomatic pressure can still work with Iran, his policy is not simply containment of a nuclear Iran, but rejection, by all means that might be necessary, of Iran possessing a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu thanked Obama for his strong words in his AIPAC speech the night before, but his emphasis was, much like Obama’s, not on the two leaders’ relationship but on the unshakable ties between their two countries.

Noting that the US and Israel face “common enemies,” Netanyahu said, “Iran’s leaders know that. For them, you are the Great Satan. We’re the Little Satan. For them, we are you and you are us,” he added, “and you know something Mr. President? At least on that last point, I think they’re right.”


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