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martie 9, 2012

Some Major Holes in the Current Case For War With Iran

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Casually listening to the established media (for an insightful articleabout the media’s handling of the push for a war with Iran read this article)

next war is with Iran

Israel and its „U.S.” politicians will be keeping the American military busy fighting Israel’s wars.

it would seem that Iran has already decided to build a nuclear weapon and is in fact working towards that goal. However, this is not true. Iran is working on nuclear power for peaceful needs, not to build nuclear weapons as Israel has already done. This quote from a recent article in Time makes this clear: “Iran’s current enrichment efforts remain under scrutiny by the IAEA, whose inspectors certify that no material has been diverted for any possible covert military program. And any move to break out and build a weapon would be obvious, first and foremost, by the need to enrich uranium to anything above the levels required for Iran’s peaceful purposes – less than 4% for reactor fuel; 20% for the Tehran reactor that produces medical isotopes. And on the latter, the stockpile would necessarily be limited – an issue that will be a focus in negotiations that look set to resume in the coming months. Weapons-grade uranium must be enriched to above 90%.” Add to these facts the fact that both Israel and the U.S. don’t even believe that Iran has even made a decision to build a nuclear weapon and it becomes obvious Iran is very far off from even starting to become a nuclear threat. It makes you wonder what Israel’s true purpose for pushing for a war with Iran really is.

Obama recently sounded threatening to Iran in an interview with The Atlantic. In the interview while speaking about using the American military to attack Iran if Iran attempts to build a nuclear weapon he said, “I don’t bluff.” This reminds me of former tough-guy George W.

Obama’s boss when it comes to U.S. foreign policy for the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, was in Washington on Monday to give a speech at the annual convention of the over-powerful Israel lobbyorganization, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (Obama gave his speech to AIPAC on Sunday, March 4th.) Last time Obama and Netanyahu met, the Israeli Prime Minister embarrassed the United States by publicly lecturing Obama on issues regarding Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. This time Netanyahu is going to try and get Obama to draw the same line in the sand regarding Iran’s nuclear program as Israel already has. It is Israel’s desire and goal that America, not Israel, starts the war with Iran just as it was regarding the unnecessary war with Iraq.

One tool the warmongers use to whip up support for a war against Iran is that the Iranians said they will “wipe Israel off of the map.” As the argument goes, once they have nuclear weapons they will wipe Israel off the map. A major problem is this statement was never made. Here is a great thought provoking and revealing article which shows this argument for war is false.

Looking at Israel and the basis for Israel, the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as the “democracy” of Israel doesn’t even have a constitution as there cannot be any supreme law which is above religious laws, we see Israel through its sacred scriptures has and is making real threats against peace and progress and against all of the world’s population.

Israel’s goals are based on the false belief that God wants the Jewish state and people to be “above all the nations that are upon the face of the Earth.” (Deuteronomy 14:2) This is based on the false claim made by Judaism that the Hebrews/Jews “are a holy people” and that God has chosen them “to be a peculiar people unto himself.” This type of twisted unreasonable thinking can only cause profound problems in the world.

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament threatens all the nations of the Earth if they do not serve Israel. Christian Zionists like Pat Robertson and John Hagee openly use these Jewish threats which masquerade as commands from God to encourage their followers to blindly support Israel. One powerful threat is Isaiah 60:12 which claims that God said regarding Israel, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” This makes me wish John Kennedy had been successful in his efforts to stop Israel from building nuclear weapons!

We need to do all we can to awaken the world to these very real and ingrained threats to world peace and progress. Since Deism appeals to something all people have – reason – and since it also embraces a strong natural belief in God, Deism has the unique potential to greatly help to diffuse religious violence wherever it is found.



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