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aprilie 19, 2012


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The list of Israeli paranoiac notions about Iran has just grown one item longer: but this one’s a doozy.  TheJerusalem Report notes:

Even if the Iranians don’t use the bomb, he [Bibi Netanyahu] fears the very fact that they have it, could lead to a mass exodus of Jews from an Israel under nuclear threat, weakening the state and compromising the Zionist dream…

Let’s stop a moment to parse this.  First, we are asked to believe that if Iran got the bomb but didn’t use it, that it would drive Israelis in terror to the exits, fleeing to safer climes abroad.  But the fact that Israel has had nuclear weapons since 1967 but hasn’t caused a single soul to flee the Arab world is supposed to make this theory seem plausible?  Oh of course, the implication is that the Iranians are wild-eyed Islamist fanatics prepared to immolate the world in a mushroom cloud for the greater glory of Allah, while Israel is the picture of a sensible, rational nation, of whom no Arab and no Arab state could possibly be frightened.  Not to mention that Indian and Pakistani nukes don’t seem to have caused anyone to flee from either of those countries.  Nor has a North Korean nuke caused any South Korean to head for the hills.

Second, would Bibi have us believe that the commitment of Israelis to their homeland is so tenuous that the mere threat of a nuclear weapon would make them abandon it?  Is this what Bibi’s Zionism is made out of?  For over 100 years, Jews have fled pogroms and Holocausts, making their way to Israel to find a new life.  An Iranian bomb would turn the Jewish blood in their veins to ice?

With almost every word from Bibi’s mouth you have to judge whether it’s spoken for effect or from the heart.  Most of his words are pure manipulative bulls(^t.  But even if he doesn’t believe a word in the passage above, merely the fact that he would say it is proof positive that he is a cynical fool.  If, on the other hand, anyone wishes to argue that Bibi does believe his words then both you and he and in deep trouble.  His Zionist dream appears to be skin-deep.

There is a Jewish concept: al tiftah peh la’Satan (“don’t open your mouth for Satan to rush in”).  What Bibi has done is expose the naked fear and paranoia beating inside the body of the Israeli ultra-nationalist Jew.



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