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Aprilie 30, 2012

Netanyahu and Barak – the Messiahs that are excellent in planning for destruction

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The beginning of this week witnessed a political storm between Prime Minister Netanyahu’s men and former Israeli security official Yuval Diskin – Former head of Shabak – Israeli Security Service. Following Meir Dagan’s comment that an attack on Iran is the stupidest idea he ever heard, Diskin said that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are simply pouring fuel on the fire of the Iranian case.

Diskin expressed his worries that both of Netanyahu and Barak are unable to deal with sensitive issues such as the Iranian issue. Not only Diskin but also Ashkenazi – former head of the Israeli army and Meir Dagan – former head of the Mossad disagreed with Netanyahu’s plans to attack Iran while they were in office. Netanyahu’s men responded by attack Diskin and criticizing him for having such a discussion in public.

Such a political storm between Israel’s heads of Security and Intelligence and Senior politicians could be taking place as two parts of one strategy that aims to destroy Iran but there is a huge difference in the methods that the two ends of the equation differ from each other. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Barak have been lobbying intensively in the last year to convince the world that Iran must be attacked as soon as possible to prevent it from obtaining Nuclear weapons. The U.S congress and politics leaders are completely convinced that Iran must be attacked and the only thing that is preventing it until now is the White House Administration which is trying to stay away from such a storm that will shake everything around it. Israel and the Jewish lobby did not even like the basic negotiations which were held a few weeks ago between Iran and the West. The only goal which they have set for themselves is watching the Iranian sky raining rockets on its people. All of this is the outcome of the thoughts, predictions and idea of two men: Netanyahu and Barak.

The weirdest thing about Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister Barak thoughts is their complete certainty and firm position that Iran must be faced. Such certainty and firm positions hide under them other reasons for marketing such an attack that Israel will pay a high price for; Iran is not Iraq and the Iranian reaction for any kind of attack will not be similar to Saddam’s missiles that are nothing to compare to the rocket system that Iran holds. Not only that but there is another important point which is that any attack on Iran will unite the opposition with Najad’s government that will find a huge army waiting to be armed in order to stand against what is considered the Zionist regime that is occupying Arab and Muslim lands. Such points are never considered by Netanyahu and Barak because what they consider is closer to who they personally are and care for.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister Barak points to consider when thinking about how to deal with Iran are more about keeping themselves in their chairs, preventing the end of their coalition with the extreme Israeli parties and their readiness to do anything in order to stay away from any kind of compromise regarding the Palestinian demands. Netanyahu psychologically, ideologically and professionally is not ready to give anything back from what the Palestinians are asking for as their legitimate rights. The only exit that he has is to convince the world that if Iran is not stopped then the world will witness the 1940′s again very soon.

Such an exit may bring Netanyahu a temporary solution but this solution will be followed with a thousand reactions that Netanyahu for sure will not be able to deal with or find excuses and fake solutions for…such reactions will bring destruction that history will discuss for a long time.



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