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mai 22, 2012

The Perversion of Anti-Semitism

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The Perversion of Anti-SemitismThe label of Anti-Semitism is one of the most feared.

Being labeled an „anti-Semite” can get you fired from your job, socially shunned and even physically assaulted. The repercussions of being labeled an „anti-semite” are only outweighed by wide variety of things that can get you labeled as such

  • pointing out Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians
  • criticizing Zionism and Jewish supremacy
  • asking questions about the holocaust
  • raising concern over Jewish dominance in news media

We can understand why people would choose to use it against the above issues which deal directly with Jewish people but lately it has come to be used against issues that seemingly have absolutely nothing to do with Jewish people or Jewish interests.

  • Critics of the Federal Reserve
  • Criticism of US Wars of aggression in the Middle East
  • Occupy Wall Street Protestors

As reform of the financial system and ending perpetual war are central to the well being of our world and the label of „anti-semism” is standing in the way of free and open discussions of both, we must now confront the taboo subject of „anti-semitism”.

What is a Semite?

A Semite is a ethnic and to a lesser extent a linguistic label.

„Semite: A term used in a general way to designate those peoples who are said in Gen. x. 21-30 to be the descendants of the patriarch Shem.” – Jewish Encylopedia

Shem is a biblical character. He was a son of Noah.

Noah -> Shem -> Arpachshad -> Abraham -> Isaac & Ishmael

Isaac and Ishmael were the sons of Abraham. Isaac is the ancestor of what became the Hebrews, a Semitic peoples. Ishmael is the ancestor of what became the Arabs, also a Semitic people.

„The Arabs in the desert fastnesses of central and northern Arabia have, on account of their isolated position, preserved unchanged more features of primitive Semitic character, custom, and language than any other Semitic nation”  – Jewish Encylopedia

Thus according to the Jewish Encyclopedia the Arabs are not only Semites, but the most Semitic among the Semites. This would also mean that Palestinians being Arabs are Semites.

How then can Jewish people accuse those who even mention their ethnic cleansing the the Semitic Palestinians of being „anti-semitic”  Shouldn’t those who stand up for the Semitic Palestinian Arabs, both Muslim and Christian, be considered pro- semitic?

The Origins of Jewish People

There are many kinds of Jewish peoples spread across the world. They are divided into two major groups. The Sephardic ( which means Spanish in Hebrew ) and the Ashkenazi ( which means German ). Sephardic is used as a label for all Middle eastern and Semetic Jews, while Ashkenazi is used as a shortcut for all white Jews.

According to The Jewish Encylopedia 80-90% of Jewish people today are Ashkenazi Jews. The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews are to be found among the Chazar‘s

” Charars: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia.” – Jewish Encylopedia 

Thus according to purely Jewish Sources we can see that 80-90% of Jews today are not Semitic at all. They are descendent from a Turkish Asiatic race that converted to Judaism in the 748 AD. Their nation was called Khazaria. It was spread out over what is now the Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Khazaria was a powerful nation from 600-1000 AD. It has now been wiped from the history books.

Jewish business man Benjamin Freedman outlined the non Semitic roots of Ashkenazi Jews in a speech he gave in 1961.

Perversion Defined

The majority of Israel, like the rest of the world is Ashkenazi / Khazarian Jews. Thus, according to Jewish sources, Most Israel’s and more Jews are NOT SEMITIC.

  • How can they use the label anti-Semitism against all their cirtics if they themselves are not semites?
  • How then can they use the term anti- Semitism to stop criticism of their ethnically cleansing a Semitic people such as the Palestinians?
  • How can they accuse the purely Semitc Palestinians and Arabs of being „Anti- Semitic” when they ( ashkenazi Jews ) are themselves NOT SEMITC?

The answer is; Most Jewish people today can not use the term „anti-semitism” against anyone.

Of these 3 Israeli prime ministers, the two on the right are Ashkenazi / chazars and have no semitc blood. Peres on the left is Sephardic and has some Semitic blood. Despite that Peres showed no mercy to the 100000 Sephardic Jewish children he irradiated.

Jewish Anti-Semitism

Consider the following examples of attacks against Semitic peoples.

Operation RingWorm: In 1951 100,000 Sephardic Mizrahi Moroccan (Semitic) Jewish children in Israel were bused into the desert and bombarded with 35000 times the maximum dose of radiation. 6000 of them died immediately and the rest died slowly over time from a host of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers etc..

A semitc Jewish boy after Operation Ringworm. Even being Jewish is not enough to save people from the rabbid anti-semitism of Jews

„The Ashkenazi children were told to return to their seats. The dark children were put on the bus.” – David Deri

The courageous American Jew Jack Bernstein’s book „The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel” outlines just how racist and anti-semitic Israel society is. Jack was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad for speaking out.

The Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians: For over 60 years the Palestinians have been robbed of their land and ethnically cleansed. The latest attack on the massive outdoor prison / concentration camp of Gaza in 2008’s Operation Cast Lead and the attack on the Flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza is clear proof of rabid anti-semitism.

The semitic peoples of Palestine were shown no mercy by the non semitic Ashkenazi invaders.

The USS LibertyIsrael tried to sink an American ship stationed near Egypt during the 1967 war. Had the ship sunk Israel would have gotten American into the war on there side and attacked Egypt and the other Arab / Semitic states.

Had the USS Liberty gone down on that cold day in 1967, the Semitic peoples of Egypt would have been decimated.

The Hollywood Propaganda Campaign against ArabsGeorge Shaheen’s documentary „Reel Bad Arabs” outlines exactly how anti-semtic Hollywood is. Arabs are the most maligned people in all of Hollywood. Arabs are a Semitic people. It is no secret that Ashkenazi Jewish people run Hollywood. Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic. Thus it can be said that Jewish people have been central to the most developed anti-semitic campaign in history.

Arabs are a semitic people, yet Hollywood takes every opportunity to mock and ridicule them. Hollywood is the most anti-semitic entity on earth.


Jewish people today are the most Anti Semitic people on the planet, having initiated and sustained an assault on all Semitic peoples of the world via the media and military.

The majority of Jewish people have stolen the identity of the semitic people and used it as a weapon against those very same semitic people and those who would defend those very same semitic peoples.

The term „anti – semitic” can be used against Jewish people with complete ethical and intellectual justification.


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  3. Shimon Peres does not look Sephardi to me, much more like an Ashkenazi, who are Slakhtals. That is a weird blend of Slav, Khazar, and Caucasus mountains Neandertal left overs. Peres was born Szymon Perski, in what was Poland. His father Yitzhak married Sara Meltzer and the family moved to Palestine in 1932. Being an oven dodger suviva does not make them Sephardic, in any shape or form. Peres first cousin is an American, Betty Persky better known as actress Lauren Bacall.

    Comentariu de paul maleski — aprilie 2, 2013 @ 7:26 pm | Răspunde

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