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mai 23, 2012


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Benjamin Netanyahu is not . . . Winston Churchill. There won’t be a Benjamin Netanyahu High School in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv in the future. Nobody is awe and mesmerized by Bibi’s words. Crowds get nauseous when he speaks. He is not an inspirational figure. He doesn’t light up a room. He does not have a commanding presence like other world historical figures. He has to pay people in the U.S. Congress to cheer for his ridiculous speeches.

Nobody is going to be quoting Netanyahu a century from now. He will be cast out of the human family like Osama Bin Laden, and 20th century totalitarian monsters. He will be remembered as a nightmare and a curse. His name will be synonymous with deceit, evil, heartlessness, bullying, racism, and hate.

Bibi likes to pay the role of the Macho King like every little boy. But while most boys grow up and accept the reality that the world doesn’t revolve around them, Bibi still behaves like a five year old who cries „Mommy! Mommy!” when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Bibi is not a real leader. He is no King. Bibi is a Boy King. He should be on the cover of Nickelodeon, not TIME. It is absurd to hang little boys with huge egos like Bibi for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He deserves a spank on the ass: no more, no less.

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