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mai 31, 2012


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The Anti-Truther Bible: King Bibi Version. 2012.
The First Book of Mossad, Called
Genesis of Terror
1. In the beginning Mossad, CIA, and MI6 created Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and Muslim Brotherhood.
2. And these terrorist organizations were without leadership, and direction: and terror was but a name. And the Spirit of Satan moved like a snake in the hollowed spaces of the Sacred State.
3. And Mossad said, Let there be terror: and there was terror.
4. And Mossad saw the terror, that it was good: and Mossad divided the terror from the counter-terror. 
5. And Mossad called the terror Bad, and the counter-terror it called Good. And the war on terror became a holy war. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the first day.
6. And Mossad said, Let there be a terror attack in the heart of New York City, and let it win American public opinion for Israel.
7. And Mossad made the terror attack, and won American public opinion for its war on Islam, Palestine, and Iran.
8. And Mossad called the terror attack an Islamic and Terrorist aggression against America, and Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the second day.
9. And Mossad said, Let all the Muslims under heaven be gathered together in one Terror Room, and let the nuclear bomb appear, and it was so.
10. And Mossad called the nuclear bomb a holy safeguard against anti-Semitism and Terrorism; and called the gathering together of the Muslims a sacrificial offering to their God: and Mossad saw that it was good.

11. And Mossad said, Let the Terror bring forth more Terror, the lambs yielding defeat, and the American Giant yielding its bones, whose body is no longer needed upon the earth: and it was so.

12. And the earth brought forth Terror, and lambs yielding defeat, and the Giant yielding bones, whose body was laid waste: and Mossad saw that it was good.

13. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the third day. 

14. And Mossad said, Let there be Terror in the Skies and in the Heavens to divide the gods from mankind, and the night from the day; and let men lose their minds for years and years: 

15. And let them go stark raving mad in the woods and in the streets, to give the watchful eyes of the Sacred State entertainment and joy; and it was so.

16. And Mossad waged great wars: the greater war on the mind and soul, and the lesser war to rule the body: it also made a third war on memory. 

17. And Mossad waged all the wars behind the Shield of the Holocaust and the Sword of 9/11 to give itself the cover of saint and victim in the darkness of hell, 

18. And to pin down nations under heaven with social stigma and minds with taboo, and to divide the truth from history: and Mossad saw that it was good.

19. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the fourth day.

20. And Mossad said, Let the bombs drop over Tehran and Isfahan, and America may fly above Iran as a giant with wings.

21. And Mossad created great events, and big lies to fool dupes, which the Western media propagated as true, as agents of Mossad, MI6, and CIA: and Mossad saw that it was good.

22. And Mossad blessed the media, saying, Be obedient, and lie, and fill the minds of men with our propaganda, and let them sink like stones into the mass grave of the Earth believing us to be victims of Terror. 

23. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the fifth day.

24. And Mossad said, Let all nations rot and perish one after the other, and make the winged giant strike the lion: and it was so. 

25. And Mossad made Terror through the Night, preying on the weak, accusing the righteous, and blackmailing the strong: and Mossad saw that it was good.

26. And Mossad said, Let us make Terrorists in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the lambs of the land, and over the giants in the sky, and over the lion, and over all the earth, and over every sacred site upon the earth. 

27. So Mossad created Terrorists in its own image, and in the image of the CIA and the MI6; Muslim or non-Muslim, all Terrorists were created with the Word.

28. And Mossad blessed the Terrorists, and Mossad said unto them, Be hateful, and irrational, and reproduce the terror, and subdue the rational: and have dominion over the children of the earth, and the doves of the air, and over every living foe that speaketh against Terror. 

29. And Mossad said, Behold, I have given you protection against Terror, which has descended upon the West in the Night, and every Terrorist is marked down with shame and hate; it is all done for you and for peace.

30. And peace shall be known, and peace shall be won, and every last Terrorist shall be hunted down and buried beneath the earth, wherein there is Terror: and it was so. 

31. And Mossad saw every film of Terror that it directed in the Night, and, behold, it was very good. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the sixth day.


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