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iunie 6, 2012

Eye on the Enemy: Next War, „IDF” to Surprise Hizbullah

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Walla!News – Amir Bohbot

Northern Command Chief Yair Golan, spoke this week at the Institute Begin – Sadat about the threats against „Israel” and focused on Hizbullah that is apparently will join any possible campaign against „Israel”. Hence, the bulk of Yair’s warnings were directed at Hizbullah while he provided warnings and a description of the next war in Lebanon that would include a greater blow than that of the Second Lebanon War.

Gen. Golan is known as a follower of the philosopher Nassim Taleb who formulated the theory of „Black Swan” embodying the anticipation and preparation for an extraordinary influential event that allegedly could not be expected. Correct analysis and estimates, according to Taleb, help in dealing with the surprises on the battlefield. As a Northern Command and a strong supporter of the theory, Golan explained how the „IDF” can set surprises for the axis of evil.

Some of the audience raised the volume of the speaker to listen to the sharp words of Gen. Golan, but those who know him closely, figured that his words were greatly calculated and the messages were carefully chosen several days before the conference, so most messages were directed at the enemy, „I hate to say honestly that this type of threat is not a decisive factor against „Israel”.”

„It cannot destroy the infrastructure of „Israel” and cannot cause any significant destruction. Hizbullah might block the „IDF”, but won’t stop it. The army can take over the launching area of short-range rockets and defeat Hizbullah, kill activists, take hostages, seize weapons and destroy extensive infrastructure. „Gen. Golan unequivocally clarified the operational concept that the „IDF” is preparing for to face Hizbullah, „we will hit them hard so they will lose their desire to a long-range confrontation.”

Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, is convincing the members of General Staff that only a ground combat, combined with air operations will conquer the enemy, such as the air raids of NATO forces in Kosovo lasted 72 days and resulted in partial gains. This strategy doesn’t suit the State of „Israel” and the „IDF” requires clear and quick decisions. Deputy Chief Yair Naveh, who opened the „Fire conference” in Zichron Yaakov last week, responded to some curious questions about the nature of the next war and said that his answer applies to all the fields from Gaza in the south, through Syria, to Lebanon and even the third circle countries including Iran.

Various enemies recognize the superiority of the „Israeli” Air Force and therefore turned to a defensive strategy that includes the use of indirect-hit weapons that with vast quantities can cover the whole territory of the State of „Israel”. The enemy estimates that the amount of weapons it possesses is of good quality. Hizbullah, like „Israel”, is planning a short war with broad and hard blow that will bring it victory. So, it launched a purchase campaign that included the world’s most advanced anti-tank missiles, air defense missiles and GPS jammers, to make accurate missiles miss their targets and cause a media attack on „Israel”. It is obvious, that if an „IDF” GPS-guided missile hit a Lebanese kindergarten, it would be enough to stop the fighting.

Another question hovering in the air is whether the Syrian army, currently preoccupied with its survival, will join the fray. General Naveh estimated that once the decision is taken, then within hours the „Israeli” Air Force will destroy the air defenses of Syria and then will attack other targets, most of which are found in densely populated urban areas. The „IDF” will operate in multiple ranges simultaneously to increase the intensity of the initial blow, and will not implement any step-by-step operation as it did in Second Lebanon War during which the senior military and political leadership waited to see the response of the enemy. As the headline of the „IDF” is „a harsh rapid fire blow”, the military is required to be precise in the destruction of targets. The target cluster in the enemy’s territory will include the group of rocket system in his possession, command and control systems, systems infrastructure, headquarters sites, energy sites, bridges, and call-combat support centers.

General Naveh: We will have surprises

General Naveh revealed that the weakness of the „IDF” is in piling up huge amounts of intelligence info at the military bases and explained that the Army currently relies on three main components: The first part includes intelligence purposes; setting goals to the overall situation. Intelligence Division under Major General Aviv Kokhafi will be required to provide a reference point of 12 digits (a picture) to transfer information to an air or artillery target – below a certain house has a rocket, a living room used to house a headquarter, or a pickup truck loaded with weapons parked in the yard, or even a war room located in a 20-storey building on the fourth floor.

The second part includes intelligence targets in real time to allow the „IDF” storing information and producing targets on a strategic level and a tactical level. The final component is the use of precise weapons by the air forces and land forces; since the enemy is assimilated into the population and attacks the army and the State of „Israel” from areas of urban density, the military must increase its accuracy and avoid mistakes by not causing casualties among noncombatants. Another „IDF” weak point is found in control and management domain and in the connectivity between the various troops on land, sea and air.

„We can have an excellent fire system and great intelligence, but if I cannot transfer the information to the plane or the squadron in real time then our abilities are worthless,” said Naveh to the audience. „I can have a great fire system, but if don’t transmit an accurate image of the target, then the aircraft will take off with a different type of ammunition for a different type of target.”

Before concluding, Gen. Naveh stated, „Our ability to produce a surprise maneuver is increasingly diminishing because of satellites and advanced collection means of the enemy and therefore we need to create a surprise to get the enemy off balance. To do this we need to create a surprise factor in a different domain that is not necessarily included in the maneuver. „Thus the general finished his assessments by saying that the „IDF” has became the army of” black swans ” that is mainly preparing for surprises the future battlefield.

„IDF” facing disintegration caused by the „Israeli” society

News1.co.il – Daniel Gigi 
Fractures in „Israeli” society are getting bigger, at a time in which we can see that these fractures have hit the army as well. These fractions can break down the last official establishment remaining in the state. The „Israeli” army is established on values of equality, mutual solidarity and sacrifice, values that create a unified community. But a letter from battalion commanders presented to the Knesset and testimonies from the field show that material values of capitalism are breaking the solidarity in the army, which is the most patriotic in the country.

Many social and political leaders warned long ago, that our social and political reality endangers the existence of the country, and now we can see that economic – social gap, which is deepening in „Israeli” society, threatens to further disintegrate the last unifying organization: the „Israeli” army. Last week I heard from many citizens, that they are not ready to contribute for the benefit of state and head to the „Israeli” army. It is not limited to the Haridis or the Arabs who are benefiting from certain services, but to Zionist groups of middle and low class that lack the feeling of belonging, and therefore there is no great willingness to sacrifice their lives for the state.

The letter of the reserves presented to the Knesset this week reveals a real problem in society that stems from the loss of values and the adoption of materialistic values that revolves around selfish individual values. Young people from different groups do not want to enlist in the army, and not ready to go to the reserve, because they feel that they are being exploited and harmed by the state that is not there to defend them against the „culture of money.”

This week in a meeting with the young audience of Jews from Ethiopia, some child claimed that they do not feel the duty to serve in the army, because the State treated him and his family badly. Ethiopians are idealist civilians who go to military units and perform their duties with great courage, but the fracture of coherence amid this magnificent audience can be also seen. It is clear that these young Ethiopians are not the only ones, a continuous decline in the proportion of enlists in the „Israeli” army can be noticed, at a time when many young people do not want to waste time on the military and want to „go on” in their lives.

The problem is very big, and the data indicate that in each group, young men are more and more de-motivated to do military service. While in the past, the service was performed with pride, today youth consider it as a burden. The accused party in this case is the state that failed to transfer the correct values for the young men and instead of developing the values of sacrifice and mutual solidarity, it only encouraged materialistic values material crushing the majority of the population. The culture of money leads to isolation, poverty and distress, and to the isolation of the young „Israeli” man who is not even ready to defend his state.

Culture of money 
Young people who are considering not going to the army and reservists, who wrote the letter to the Knesset warning them of the disintegration of the army, are innocent in this case; for they are, on the whole, the victims of the culture of money, which seized control of the state. Instead of developing social values of solidarity and mutual assistance, the state is only spreading materialistic values disintegrating the ties that previously linked the „Israeli” society. No wonder that the Ethiopian children who are separating from white children only because they are very weak in the sciences, feel uncomfortable throughout their lives and refuse to contribute to the state. As it is not surprising that the reservists also do not want to serve in the reserves, when their employers fire them from their work and choose not to hire civilians who are expected to do a full service at the reserves.

No wonder that all of civilians do not see the supreme value in the service, since our filthy state allowed the rich owners of the trains not to transfer any soldier during rush hours, for economic considerations. The state ceased to defend its civilians and soldiers, and therefore no wonder that a little number of civilians is ready to defend it and sacrifice their lives for it? The capitalist system, which is devoted only to the money, is crushing the public, and eventually will break also the most patriotic organization in the state, the army. ”
Suspending an „IDF” soldier for receiving a bribe

Walla!News – Amir Bohbot

A Southern Command chief officer was temporarily suspended after being suspected of receiving bribes from soldiers in exchange for dismissing them from the presence at the base and carrying out military missions. In recent weeks, the military police received the information about the officer. The police opened a secret probe during which information was collected and the officer was also summoned for questioning and confronted with the allegations against him. After submitting his version of the story, the investigators at the military police assessed the situation and decided to suspend him until further notice.

A military source said that a female soldier and a male soldier trialed in the past by the officer gave evidence against him and alleged that he received benefits, including various types of food. Following the testimony, it was decided last night (Tuesday) to summon the soldiers who have completed their military service, and soldiers currently serving under his supervision today, claiming that they took part in the case.

„The officer suffered a great injustice,” said a close source. „It never happened. This is an ethical and moral officer who had to deal with troubled soldiers who publicly announced they would take revenge as soon as they complete their military service and they did. A plot was set. He denies any connection to the case. He is going through a bad time but he’ll get over it”. The „IDF” Spokesman said that „the Military Police investigation is underway and its findings will be examined by the military prosecutor.”

Source: Hebrew Newspapers, Translated by moqawama.org


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