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Septembrie 28, 2012

NETANYAbooHU:The Sobbing Realities of a THREE TRILLION DOLLAR World War

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An Israeli mime once scoffed, “After years of diplomacy and halfhearted sanctions and endless [chit-chat] about talks and futile negotiations, it turns out that the Americans, or at least the current administration, is not willing to attack [Iran].

No one knows who will sit in the White House after the upcoming election, but in the meantime, American INACTION is affording the Iranians more and more time to achieve their goals.”¹  These highly charged, denigrating and ungrateful words came just two weeks after US Military Chief, Gen. Martin Dempsey, gave a Netanyahu the green light to attack Iran, unilaterally, so long as the USA is not complicit in Bibi’s messianic death-wish that is now devoid of AIPAC ‘steadfast’ support (9/19/12).

netanyahu-waveAs a patron of Israel since its dubious inception, American taxpayers annually grant real direct total aid to Israel in the tune of 3 to 4.2 billion dollars a year.  When other benefits associated with standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the sole economic+military-superpower are added, the net value of this goodwill easily exceed $10 billion a year.  Evidently, the advantage to Uncle Sam is the intangible projection of our power to impose our will at far-flung places.  In addition to these costs, the Europeans bit the bullet and shot themselves in the leg when they imposed an economic embargo on both Iran and the Euro-zone.  Their fragile economy have not been the same ever since.  So much sacrifice on behalf of an insignificant enclave on the backstreets of the Arab world should command more gratitude.  But euro-gentiles are still in need of thy blessings in order to overcome a Holocaust stigma that’s 66 years and six months overdue.

Is it any wonder why after a very blunt dare for a Netanyahu administration to go it alone to see that Bibi won’t tackle his own bait?  The Beast of Jericho is now insisting that ‘red lines’ and ultimatums must be set for Iran otherwise he’ll start WW3.  Even Mitt Romney would be hard pressed to make the numbers work to accommodate his lifelong buddy were he the president.  By setting a hard ultimatum, the US taxpayer will not only own the war but would be invested in a World War that a recent report by concerned citizens² assess to be twice as “taxing than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.”  As of today these war expenditures stand at $1.4 trillion and counting (www.costofwar.com).  Therefore, a preemptive conflagration with Iran will have a military price tag of about 3 trillion dollars.  When this figure is added to a stifling USA debt of $16 trillion, it’s a commitment that should make a former corporate raider and his fiscal neocon wonks cringe.  Please note that these costs doesn’t include a worldwide economic meltdown from oil disruption in a raging Middle East war zone.

With no one there to hold “the most powerful man on earth” from attacking Iran, what is he doing?  Well, he is telling anyone who is willing to listen that “those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”  But that’s just the point…THERE IS NO LONGER A RED LIGHT BEFORE THEE for THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.  Dempsey’s implicit green light was bestowed upon Bibi almost a month ago and reinforced with an hour-long presidential phone call on 9/11 by Obama.  So, what are you waiting for my Führer?  If this was a failure to communicate our President made it abundantly clear during last Sunday’s CBS ’60 Minutes’ broadcast: “When it comes to our national security decisions – any pressure that I feel is simply to do what’s right for the American people.  And I am going to block out – any noise that’s out there.”  Even the mouthpiece for Israeli Intelligence, DEBKAfile, concede this point — “The US president was crystal clear: By saying he will be ruled solely by American security interests, he showed them [Bibi & Barak] that they too were being left to be guided by Israel’s security interests.”

Today’s Faustian outcries at the 67th UN General Assembly is like the waning cries of a crybaby.  In my last two articles ³’4 I ignored one glaring difference between Hitler and a Netanya-boo-hu.  Though both men were endowed by Fate to ruin the world, even so, only one of them had the gift of charisma and the ‘nonce sense’ for galvanizing a legion of thy own compatriots.5

Praise be to the Lord, our God; or as our Muslim brethren like to say… Allah Akbar!

So be prepared for an open-ended economic-cyber-kinetic warfare for “the most dangerous Beast in the world must not be allowed to arm itself with the most dangerous weapon in the world;” a nuclear-free Middle East demand nothing less from all Israelis.  Now, if we can only find a peaceful way to stop the carnage in Syria and Congo so that we earthlings can find rest, in peace, for once in our lifetime.


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