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octombrie 5, 2012

News from the Jews

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I’d like to highlight three recent news items found in three different Jewish newspapers that shed some light on the true nature of organized Jewry. 

The first comes from The Times of Israel and is titled, “Liberman: West must be prepared to aid Iranians in ‘Persian Spring’” and will put to rest any doubts anyone had about the real agenda behind the “revolutions” taking place in the Middle East. All of them – the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, the upheaval in Syria, the past attempts to destabilize Iran through the funding of “pro-democracy” activist groups – are Zionist fomented destabilization operations.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Thursday that Israel has a deep interest in supporting those calling for a regime change in Iran and should press the international community to aid dissenters. Liberman made the comment a day after protesters clashed with police in the streets of Tehran over increasing economic hardships and the steep drop in the country’s currency value.

“The Foreign Ministry has long pointed out that we are on the way from the Arab Spring to the Persian Spring. What we are seeing now is just the first buds,” said Liberman in an interview with Army Radio. “As we approach presidential elections in Iran, in June 2013, we will see much more of this.”

Liberman said that the West made a mistake when it didn’t take a more active role in supporting the reformist protesters during the last elections in 2009 and that the international community must be prepared to assist with money and institutions.

When asked by the interviewer whether US President Barack Obama had made a mistake by not fanning the flames enough during the 2009 protests and subsequently perhaps cutting off Iran’s nuclear rush, Liberman said the mistake was not Obama’s but that of all Western nations.

Addressing Israel’s role vis-a-vis the popular protests in Iran, Liberman said, “The best help Israel can offer is not to disrupt things by interfering. I don’t think we have a special status that forces us to lead initiatives, but we should definitely follow matters closely and encourage the UN Security Council, the EU, the world powers and others to take action.”

“I have no doubt the Iranian regime is approaching a critical moment. The only question is what will come first — the fruition of its nuclear program, or the Persian Spring. We must be prepared for both possibilities.”

There you have it folks, the Jewish modus operandi in a nutshell: come on stupid goy, do our dirty work for us! Fight wars for us, intervene and destabilize other countries for us, finance all of these endeavors on your own, and above all do whatever we say and don’t ask questions!

The second comes from The Jewish Daily Forward and is titled, “How Jewish College Uses Federal Funds to Grow”. This article openly documents the innate parasitic and corrupt behavior of organized Jewish interests.

It was the first week of the new semester at Michigan Jewish Institute, a college of more than 2,000 students, nestled in the leafy Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield. But at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, the classrooms were silent and the entrance to the college’s temporary home, an impressive $6 million brick-and-glass synagogue with a vaulted roof that soars 50 feet into the sky, was desolate.

That’s because in less than a decade, MJI has transformed itself from a small campus-based college into a burgeoning online university, thanks in large part tomore than $25 million in federal aid, designated for low-income students, which the not-for-profit school has received over the past five years.

But very little of this money has been spent on men and women taking courses in Michigan or, indeed, in the United States. Instead, the majority of MJI’s students can be found working toward an MJI degree in Judaic studies at yeshivas and seminaries overseas, mostly in Israel.

In a September 13 interview in a classroom at MJI, which is based at a magnificent Chabad synagogue called The Shul, Dov Stein, director of academic administration, said that MJI’s enrollment had grown this year to 3,000 students from only 300 students in 2004. In a subsequent email, Stein revised the figure down to just over 2,000 students.

As MJI has expanded rapidly, it has drawn increasingly on the Federal Pell Grant Program, the government’s largest education aid program targeting low-income students, which funnels public funds directly to the school. At the same time,MJI’s net income has soared. According to the institute’s most recent available tax records, between 2006 and 2010 inclusive, MJI’s net income increased to $850,000 from $89,000 — a staggering 860% five-year jump. The school ended 2010 with almost $3 million in assets. So far this calendar year, the school has received $8.7 million in federal aid.

But its academic record is poor. As the number of students has risen, performance on national proficiency exams has plummeted. Student retention has suffered, too.

I’m starting to wonder if there is any legitimate, honestly run Jewish organization or enterprise…

Finally, the third article comes from The Jewish Telegraph Agency and is titled, “In Ukraine, new funds for survivors bring high – some say unrealistic – expectations”. 

On a daily basis, one can visit any Jewish newspaper website or media outlet and read at least two or three different articles relating to the fraudulent “Holocaust” of Europe’s Jews in WWII at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. For organized Jewry, the “Holocaust” is not only a religion, but an entire industry, or racket to be more precise, that has been used to serve multiple agendas. Lobbying organizations, “social service agencies”, “survivor” groups, and Jewish religious, political, and social leaders use the “Holocaust” PSYOP to defraud European governments, control the historical narrative, justify the very existence of Israel, garner sympathy from the gullible public that falls for this “Holocaust” propaganda and many other purposes. 

Virtually every single aspect of the mainstream “Holocaust” narrative has been thoroughly debunked. In fact, the official “Holocaust” narrative is the exact opposite of what really happened in WWII: it was the Germans, Japanese, and other Eastern European peoples who were the real holocaust victims. International Jewry and the countries they controlled – the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom, largely – were the perpetrators of the most horrificand cowardly war crimes and holocausts of WWII. 

Despite these facts, organized Jewish interests continue to propagate their ludicrous Holohoax fable, milking corrupt and traitorous European governments for funds to support Jewish “Holocaust survivors”, as this article informs us:

In her dilapidated apartment, Larisa Rakovskaya examines a stack of unpaid heating bills. Sick and alone, the 86-year-old Holocaust survivor and widow is preparing for another encounter with the cold, her “worst and only fear.”

Rakovskaya says her hope of staying warm this winter lies with a one-time payment of approximately $3,200 that she may receive from Germany via the Claims Conference following Berlin’s recent decision to include victims of Nazi persecution in the former Soviet Union as beneficiaries of the so-called Hardship Fund. Some 80,000 survivors across the former Soviet Union are expected to qualify for the payouts, half of them in Ukraine, where a crumbling welfare system often leaves the old and disabled to live and die in penury.

Rakovskaya says that once she uses the Hardship Fund payment to pay off the few hundred dollars of debt she owes utilities, she wants to visit Israel for the first time.

“I don’t want to renovate, and I don’t need a boiler. My last wish is to see Jerusalem,” she tells JTA.

Marina, her social worker from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, asks Rakovskaya to “be realistic” and use the money for day-to-day living.

The Claims Conference, which negotiated the expansion of the Hardship Fund with Germany, says the money will have “an enormous impact.” The application process starts in November, and eligible claimants are expected to be approved as quickly as eight weeks afterward, according to Claims Conference spokeswoman Hillary Kessler-Godin. Applications will be processed throughout most of 2013.

JDC, which funds Jewish welfare operations in the former Soviet Union known as Heseds, called the new money a “welcome addition” but cautioned that survivors, as well as other Jews in the region, still need ongoing assistance

Rakovskaya lives on a $111 monthly government pension in a one-bedroom apartment with her small dog, Chunya. Old newspapers absorb humidity from the broken floor; the brown walls are crumbling. With no hot water, she heats water over an electric stove and then washes over a rusty sink. She has managed to get food and medicine and keep her home heated thanks to support from her local Hesed.

Established in the 1990s, Hesed provides relief, medical services and food to approximately 170,000 Jews in former Soviet countries. JDC’s 2012 budget for welfare and social services in the former Soviet Union comes to $113.5 million. Some of the money comes from the Claims Conference, which funds Hesed programs directed at Holocaust survivors. In 2011, those funds reached approximately $75 million. 



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