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octombrie 12, 2012

As those few wh…

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As those few who follow this blog are aware, I’m a bit on edge at this time regarding the threat of World War Three.  Today there was news that suggests that Israel may be preparing for just such a scenario.  First there was news of Israel deploying Patriot missiles atop Mount Carmel seeming to defend Haifa from missile attacks, now there’s news that Israel is planning to conduct a massive civil defense exercise that seems like perfect cover for putting necessary emergency services in place for all-out war next week.

In my September 25th blog, I highlighted how we were entering the season most prone for major global panics to occur.  In 1929 and 1987, this took the form of stock market crashes.  In 1962 and 1973, this took the form of geopolitical crises that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. As examined in my thesis on Manic Depressive Man, I believe this pattern reveals an underlying „Global Bipolar Disorder” that is shaping human history.  What’s more, it’s possible this recurrent pattern is foreshadowing a future, nearly suicidal chapter of human history that might unfold during the „Fall”.

In this light, my gravest concern is that the world will eventually share my „apocalyptic vision” of a global nuclear war that will begin with a chemical SCUD missile attack on Haifa, Israel.  Could this occur at the current historical juncture?  I’m afraid it’s distinctly possible and, tragically, Israel seems to think it’s possible as well.

My last blog noted news that Israel had placed Patriot missiles atop Mount Carmel overlooking the city of Haifa in northern Israel seemingly in response to the Hezbollah’s flight of an unmanned drone into Israeli territory last Saturday. This indicates the the IDF is concerned about the possibility of enemy missile strikes on Haifa in the near future.

While this story in and of itself is alarming, the news today of Israel’s plan for a massive civil defense exercise, purportedly for an earthquake, is even more troubling.  According to IsraelNationalNews.com:

Israel is planning a huge emergency drill for next week amid speculation and fears that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will order a unilateral strike on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities. 

The drill tests the country’s ability to cope with an earthquake, and assumes hypothetical mass casualties of 7,000 dead, 70,000 wounded and 170,000 without a home. 

The drill will also include a scenario simulating a toxic chemical leak at the northern coastal port in Haifa. This is the first time a Home Front drill has dealt with a natural disaster scenario as opposed to a war scenario.

Here’s what may be telltale.  Why is this „drill” being conducted as a response to an earthquake instead of as a war drill? Was a natural disaster selected as the purpose of the exercise in order to provide some sort of cover?  That the earthquake scenario involves such unprecedented casualties, i.e., 7000 dead and 70000 wounded, seems a tad odd for Israel which has never been impacted by such a seismic catastrophe in its history.  What’s more, the inclusion of simulating a „toxic chemical leak” seems strange, although this would make good sense if the intent is to put emergency services in place to deal with a real world chemical missile barrage on Israel. In other words, this unprecedented Israeli ‘Home Front drill’ seems geared to have in place and ready-to-go the domestic emergency resources that would respond to retaliation by Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and/or Egypt in the event of an all-out Middle East war that would be triggered by an IDF strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities or a like situation.

Meanwhile, as reported by Zerohedge, an extra U.S. aircraft carrier and amphibious warship are about to arrive in the Arabian Sea thus placing maximum American naval forces around Iran just in time for theOctober 15th new moon:

The news surrounding the Middle East, particularly Iran and Syria, may come and go in waves, but for the most part it is loud political grandstanding, jawboning and largely noise. Or rather, it will be noise until these two catalytic events occur: the third US Aircraft carrier (CVN-74 Stennis) and the second big deck amphibious warfare ship (LHA-5 Peleliu), both dispatched as of several weeks ago with a destination the 5th US Fleet headquartered in Bahrain, reach their target – the Arabian Sea, located by the Straits of Hormuz and right next to Iran. As the following naval update map from Stratfor shows, both are now within a week of reaching their destination: conveniently so with at least two weeks to go until the presidential election. Needless to say, once on location, the naval and airborne support for any offensive operation, especially those launched during new moon cycles, will be simply suffocating. 

Are the U.S. and Israel preparing for a strike on Iran around the time of the upcoming new moon on October 15th?  This is an even greater concern IMHO given the pattern of historic mass panics  climaxing into this new moon as identified in my earlier writings on the subject.
I sincerely hope and pray my conjectures here are totally off base and unreasonable, but this all seems to make too much sense.  If what I’m pointing out is accurate, then this weekend might be your last chance to put a plan together for evacuating and/or sheltering in place in the event of global nuclear war.  Please do so accordingly.
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