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octombrie 26, 2012

Egypt Prepares For Total War After Israeli Air Strike On Sudan

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A dire “flash” report from the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General Nikolai Makarov to President Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that Egyptian Air Force (EAF) bombers and fighter jets have been ordered to deploy to their secret airbase near Kursi in the west of Sudan’s Darfur region after the shocking Israeli Air Force (IAF) raid on the Yarmouk military factory in Khartoum barely 16 hours ago.

According to this report, at least 4 IAF fighter-jet bombersattacked and destroyed Sudan’s Yarmouk military factory [photo 1st right] in what Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman described as an “unprovoked act of war”, and which both Sudan and Egyptian military experts say could only have been orchestrated by the United States who is currently engaged in its largest war exercise in history with its Israeli allies.

General Makarov further states in his report that the “most likely” intended target of the EAF is US ally Ethiopia whom the Egyptians have already warned they were prepared to strike in order to protect their stake in the Nile River.

Internal emails secretly obtained by “unknown parties” from the US private-security firm Stratfor back up General Makarov’s assessment, and as we can, in part, read:

Ethiopia became an even bigger threat a month after the Egyptian Revolution toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 when they announced new details about the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In April of this year Bradley Hope of the The National reported that construction had begun and that the massive project “could destabilize Egypt in a way that would make the last year of political upheaval look minuscule.”

“It would lead to political, economic and social instability,” Mohamed Nasr El Din Allam, Egypt’s minister of water and irrigation until early last year, told Hope. “Millions of people would go hungry. There would be water shortages everywhere. It’s huge.”

Even worse in this report, General Makarov further states that Egyptian armor, artillery and infantry units are, also, now being “rapidly deployed” to Egypt’s western border with Libya where an invasion of that disintegrating Northern African nation by the Egyptians will be intended to seize Libyan oil and gas facilities as Egypt continues to strain under the growing threat of massive fuel shortages.

With 46.5 billion barrels of proven reserves, (10 times those of Egypt), Libya is the largest oil economy in the African continent followed by Nigeria and Algeria and which, according to this report, neither the US nor any of its NATO allies will be able to defend against a massive Egyptian invasion.

Though not specifically mentioned in this report, it widely known that Egyptian commandos come from Unit 777, a force that was established in the late 1970s, firmly established themselves in Eastern Libya during last years revolt against its former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Making not only this grave situation, but the entire Middle East even more unstable was General Makarov also stating, “We have information that the rebels fighting the Syrian army have shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles of several states, including Stingers made in the United States.”

The United States vehemently disputed General Makarov’s allegation challenging Moscow to provide proof with US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stating about 8 hour ago: “If the Russian Federation has evidence of Stingers in the hands of the opposition, we’d like to see it.”

General Makarov in his report, however, said of the US demands for “evidence” simply that their “proof” would soon exist in the smoldering wreckage of an innocent passenger plane targeted by these American armed and financed International terrorists.

In his summation of this report, General Makarov states that a massive Egyptian attack on both Ethiopia and Libya would have a “high degree” of them both being successful as neither the US nor NATO have any currently available military assets to direct against either Egypt or Sudan as they are currently stretched to the near breaking point countering Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

Further to be noted are that the civilian populations of both the US and EU are in no mood for any further wars as their economies are already headed towards the abyss and would not tolerate their warmonging governments further expansion of budget shattering conflicts.

Most ominous in this report, however, is a Federal Security Services (FSB) addendum noting that the United States may, indeed, be preparing to launch against all of its enemies one of the world’s most feared weapons called the CHAMP which it tested last week.

CHAMP is the giant US defense contractor Boeing’s new missile otherwise known as the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project that automatically disables PCs and other electronic devices as it soars through the skies using a burst of powerful radio waves, and which if used could, literally, send any high technology nation back to the preverbal stone age.

To the final outcome of all of these events, perhaps the best summation of them can be understood by the words of the great World War II American General of the Army Omar Bradley (1893-1981), who said: “The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.”



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