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noiembrie 17, 2012

Antimissiles Deployed in Tel Aviv

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’ al-Aqtsa Brigades sign text messages sent to many Israelis, reading: ‘We will turn  into a cemetery for your soldiers.’

Antimissiles Deployed in Tel Aviv

Antimissile Fifth Station Deployed in Tel Aviv, November 17, 2012

of a military operation seems to be a thing of the past. Hiding movements of troops in an environment where most people have cellular phones and cameras is impossible, at least in the long term. The ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza-Operation Pillar of Cloud—is providing several proofs of that. The oddest was reported on November 17, 2012, by  “Hamas’ al-Aqsa Brigades sign text messages sent to many Israelis, reading: ‘We will turn Gaza into a cemetery for your soldiers.’” Unlike in the past,  is unable to hide the preparations for a ground attack on Gaza, as the large picture below shows.

Other types of information are easier to hide. One way of achieving that is overflowing the media with distractions. Thousands of pictures of  make it difficult to spot the most critical ones. Related to this is the phrasing of official announcements in a way that makes it difficult to understand what the key issue is. Following the firing of two unguided surface-to-surface artillery rockets Fajr-5 from Gaza to Tel Aviv on November 15, the  deployed a fifth Iron Dome antimissile system near Tel Aviv and run to tell the press about that. “It was done months ahead of schedule,” read the subtitles. Impressive, it sounds as if Israel constructed a new battery overnight and deployed it in the morning. Reality is different; the  is successfully hiding a weakness.

Antimissiles Deployed in Tel Aviv

Range of unguided surface-to-surface artillery rockets Fajr-5 Developed by 

The four batteries already placed in Tel Aviv’s outskirts at the beginning of the operation failed to intercept two Fajr-5 missiles out of the two fired from Gaza. This is a 100% failure in this category; yet, as commented in the past, the IDF manipulates statistics. In this case, they reported a 90% interception rate. How is the manipulation done? The batteries are deployed in areas where the interception conditions are optimal, and all other events are not counted in the statistics. Any science student will testify under oath that this analysis technique is flawed and void of any value, except for propagandistic one.

The other astonishing item hiding in the IDF reports is that the battery was not constructed overnight, but brought from the IAF’s School of Aerial Defense. Let me translate: following the failure of the already deployed batteries, the IDF pulled out its last reserve. There are no more batteries available for new deployments. The next one being constructed is scheduled to be deployed only in 2013.

Finally, a small addendum to the reports supports the claim that the IDF has reached its antimissile weapons limit. The IDF changed Iron Dome’s interception plan. From now on, only one interceptor will be fired at every rocket, instead of the two used at rockets aimed at residential areas until now. This confirms somethingpreviously analyzed. An antimissile costs around $50 thousand per unit. A simple Qassam  costs less than $100. This is the epitome of non-symmetrical warfare. What would happen the day all 200,000 missiles aimed at Israel are fired? Even if the various antimissile systems used by Israel will achieve a 100% success rate, they may hit 0.1% of the fired missiles or less. Israel is purposely misleading its population regarding its defensive capabilities.

Ground Attack

Antimissiles Deployed in Tel Aviv

“Stop  – The People Oppose War” Hadash Party Poster in Hebrew and Arabic

An unjustifiable aggression, Operation Pillar of Cloud backfires on Israel. Antimissile systems show that they are ineffective under asymmetrical conditions. Netanyahu won’t be able to continue the military operation once Israel’s civilians begin protesting against it. Minor protestsare already taking place. Hadash Party is already distributing the poster at the right. “Stop Netanyahu – The People Oppose War,” it reads in Hebrew and Arabic.

The only fast solution is to enter Gaza and seize the Palestinian launchers. That would be the secondary target of the ground incursion being planned; the main one will be the killing of , the Hamas leader acting as Prime Minister in Gaza. The picture below shows some of the IDF preparations. It cannot be easily dismissed as a decoy. It shows two lines of “Achzarit” (“cruel” in Hebrew) Armored Personnel Carriers. These are modified Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks. Captured by Israel from Arab armies, they became too old to carry around modern equipment (the 54 and 55 numbers relate to the year they were designed); thus, Israel removed the heavy turret and created a light APC. The landscape seen is typical of the area surrounding Gaza, sand and bushes. However, the key detail is half hidden among the vehicles lines: a refueling truck. This means they are about to move; stored IDF vehicles are not kept with fuel in their tanks. Israel has strategic reasons for the announced incursion to Gaza, and by now there is plenty of collateral corroboration. As Hamas announced, Gaza is about to become a large cemetery, though probably for both sides.

Antimissiles Deployed in Tel Aviv

IDF “Achzarit” Armored Personnel Carrier | About to enter Gaza, November

Article by Roi Tov | © Sabbah Reporthttp://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=1521017, 2012



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