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noiembrie 17, 2012

Gaza: Timeline, Fineline and Endgame

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So many words have been written throughout the history of the courageous Palestinian struggle against Zionist aggression and theft of Palestine. Each time, a crisis erupts and each time a report is written and read, the masses are tempted to rely on the short-span memory of the brain to deal with the immediate cause and effect of the last cycle of violence against our people.

The zionists are clever to realise this, as long as the span is limited to the latest turn of events. They can immediately go into high gear and spit out their lies and interpretations about what really happened.

The latest murderous attacks on  by the zionists prove that view so clearly. The zionist PR machine went into immediate action as to why  had to attack; this character goes on TV to declare that he spoke to world leaders who expressed their support for his actions; that other character, , spits out the zionist rationale as to why  had to attack; finally the Israeli military spokeswomen of  days, , comes on to repeat the same lies in a calm and motherly fashion, so similar the Cast Lead days of 2008-2009.

We are so sure that this theatre has its audience.

On the other side – the Arab side, the response? Zilch.

So, the onus must fall on all of us, not on any other person, to find out what happened and why it will always happen, until…

From our point of view, the Palestinians will always have one single justification to attack the enemy in whatever means they choose (albeit very limited ones, it seems). That remains the zionist theft of their land, the continued destruction of their homes, their private property and the cruel and illegal occupation of all historic Palestine. This theft is carried out through the consent of the few, the collaboration of many, the silence of the corrupted and, finally, the support of the western powers.

When this character Netanyahu goes on TV and asks the world: “What would any country on this planet do if its citizen were exposed to hundreds of missiles from Gaza”; the response should be: “Why is that happening?”. Let that answer also include 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1967, 1993 and so on. The Palestinian brain can actually re-wind to as far back as 1887, the first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland.People

sometimes tell the Palestinians: ‘But you have to be pragmatic’. We say, we are. And the proof of that lies in the continued and systematic zionist application of its project to occupy, keep and ethnically cleanse all of historic Palestine and to turn it into a pure Jewish State, a definition now being repeated by most western powers when they talk about afuture Israel. Pragmatism cannot be achieved by violating International Law.

Back to Gaza and its latest state of affairs:

From news agencies and reliable reports, we gathered the following timeline as a sampler aimed at exposing the zionist lies. As you read it, do not forget 1887:

Thursday, 8 November: Israel enters Gaza after a 2-week lull with an escort of bulldozers (which routinely destroy crops, football grounds and Palestinian farmland), and kill 13-year old Ahmad Younis Khader Abu Daqqa as he played football in Abbasan village. Palestinians then blew up a tunnel along the frontier with Israel injuring an Israeli soldier.

Saturday, 10 November: Palestinian fighters fire anti-tank missiles (on a legitimate military target), an Israeli jeep carrying soldiers, which was driving along the border, wounding 4 soldiers. Israel then retaliated by shelling a football field (a civilian target), killing 2 Palestinian youths aged 16 and 17. Later, not satisfied, the Israelis shell a funeral gathering killing 2 Palestinians and injuring over two dozens.

Sunday, 11 November: One Palestinian is killed and dozens injured while the Israeli Transport Minister calls on his government to cut off the water, food, electricity and fuel supplies passing into Gaza. (Note: when the character Netanyahu, and his spokespersons, claim that Israel evacuated Gaza in 2005, the lie of what ‘evacuated’ meant is laid bare here).

Monday, 12 November: The Palestinians offer to RENEW the ceasefire if Israel ceases its attacks.

Wednesday, 14 November: Following 2 days of calm, Israel assassinated the  leader Ahmed Al-Ja’bari, with a precise drone attack (Note: drones are USA supplied) killing him and 8 other civilians. Al-Ja’abari had been a crucial player in the negotiations which led to the release of G Shalit, the Israeli soldier, on 18 October 2011.

The rest is history. A history that keeps repeating itself. A history which began in 1887, or even before.

We should never ‘re-act’. We must not forget. We must act.

Article by  | © Sabbah Report:http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=15169



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