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noiembrie 18, 2012

Palestine Gaza: Operation “Blue Sky” continues

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ed note–I was passed along this correspondence earlier this evening with the request of publishing here on TUT.

Hiyam Naour & Fadwa Nassar November 17, 2012

Operation “Blue Sky” is the powerful response of the Palestinian resistance to the crimes of the Jewish Zionist entity “Israel”. It is a cry of hope in the face of Jewish- Zionist attempts, backed by the U.S. and some European countries against the Palestinian people, to erase the Palestinian resistance from the map of the region. Nuclear missile attacks on the people and its resistance in Gaza, have until this moment claimed 32 of lives and many more are wounded among the civilian population, children included. The “Blue Sky” embodies the right and the will of the Palestinian resistance to defend the population and the territorial borders of Gaza. Hold high the torch of the Palestinian resistance against injustice, dispossession and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their own homeland. The “Blue Sky” represents life, while the “Pillar of Cloud” (the name of the war waged by the Zionist army) is synonymous with death and destruction, “Blue Skies” resembles, freedom from Jewish-Zionists aircraft and drones, but also from toxic smoke and chemical phosphorous rain launched by the enemy causing death and fatal illnesses, Cancerous diseases, Emphysema, dis-figuration and other handicaps among the Palestinian population.

Since the onset of operation “Blue Sky” a few days ago, in response to the assassination of the high commander of the al-Qassam Brigades, the martyr Sheik (Mohammed) Ahmad Al-Jabari, Jewish-Zionist settlers are hiding, living in fear. The state-terrorists of the colonial army refuse to enlist since they fear the “front line”, so the Jewish-Zionist entity has declared mobilization of the “home front”, which clearly indicate that the occupant usurper is in a manic mental condition. The Islamic Jihad Al Quds Brigade, Fajr 5 rockets, have already destroyed some areas on the outskirts of the colonial town, the Tel Aviv-based Palestinian village of Tall el Rabi. On their part, the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ homeland defense brigades, have launched a long-range rocket on the western part of the occupied city of Al-Quds. The areas in question affected are only Jewish settlements located near the Gaza Strip. However the Palestinian resistance has accumulated long range rockets and medium range rockets since the last bloody war “Operation Cast Lead“ launched on Gaza in December 2009- January 2010.

The Jewish – Zionist entity “ Israel” has remained inactive until the U.S. elections, when it planned to engage in a new war against what it regarded as the weakest time-point, to confront the resistance in Gaza. While its urge to start a new war began to itch, it fears the attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah. It is on Gaza and its resistance that “team Netanyahu” chose to prove its power, followed by the warmest blessings from the Jewish – Zionist political class, empowering the win of the next election. “The Israeli elections need Palestinian blood” said the writers, commentators and the ordinary citizens of Palestine, who has expected and prepared for such a slaughter. And to the rally of the colonists, the racist and belligerent – it is the destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people, and the crushing of the availability of the resistance, that seemingly is the only way to win elections in the “democratic” political system of the Jewish- Zionist entity, that is so dear to François Hollander and Barack Obama .

It should not be expected or known; since the Jewish-Zionist entity is socially and economically weakened through a deep structural crisis, it should not venture alone into a new war against the proud Palestinian people in Gaza (rightly proud of the strength of its fighters). The Jewish-Zionist entity has not received the endorsement and support of the United States and the European Union in this war, as was the case in the genocidal war against Gaza in 2008, and the war against Lebanon and Hezbollah in 2006. The criminal Zionist entity of Jewish “Israel” was morally protected by the U.S. first, and secondly by some European countries, backed by the European Union, not forget to mention, the support of weaponry and high technology. The Jewish-Zionist entity applied a plan of pacification of the region, in order to supposedly settle the Palestinian project. In reality to prevent the Palestinian liberation and the return of Palestinian refugees, it always have been since its erection, the criminal imperial base to which all countries in the region should surrender, the “Greater Middle East” which is endorsed by the U.S. trough the Jewish – Zionist enterprise, ” Israel”.

According to the prominent representative of the Islamic Jihad movement in Lebanon, Abu Imad Rifai, the Jewish-Zionist war today has three goals.To crush the Palestinian resistance while Arab countries and people are busy with their internal affairs.According to the occupant authority the elections should be held in January next year and its dupery, measure perfectly the high degree of solidarity schemes formed after the “Arab Spring”, includes also Egypt.While welcoming the withdrawal of the Egyptian ambassador serving at the Egyptian Mission in the Jewish – Zionist entity, at the beginning of the war on Gaza, Hajj Abu Imad Rifai expressed the point of view of the Palestinian people in general,saying that the measures taken, are insufficient: Egypt must take a more courageous and bold action against “ Israel”.Abu Imad Rifai also said, that the statements of condemnation and denunciation made by other Arab leaders, remained far from the expectations of the Palestinian people, since the Palestinian resistance alone, is fighting to defend the dignity on behalf of all Arabs and Muslims.

The united front of resistance in the field, was formed with a binding capacity of international brigades, a fairly new and sophisticated strategy to prevent the enemy from breaking their ranks. According to Abu Imad Rifai the resistance has since 2009 become, ( Operation Cast Lead )a tree week long massacre which killed nearly 1500 people in Gaza and wounded almost 5.000) more determined, structured, well organized and capable. In addition, a military commentator admitted in a Zionist newspaper that the resistance in Gaza has learned the lessons of the previous war, which include the al-Quds Brigades (Islamic Jihad), as they this time were able to fire Grad long range rockets, despite presence of Israeli drones above in the sky of Gaza. On the Jewish – Zionist side, anger is once again at the rendezvous, since the Zionist entity of the Jews failure to deploy the $200 million “Iron Dome” anti-rocket system successfully against Palestinian missiles had raised many questions about its effectiveness, the defense installation only succeeded in capturing a few of the short-range rockets launched.

Israeli leaders say they want to continue their war and have even threatened Hamas, saying they expected a surrender on its part to end the war. But the unity of all resistance organizations, and their immediate response after the assassination of the martyr Sheik Ahmed al-Jabari, foiled these ugly attempts to divide Palestinian resistance organizations, intended to set them up against Hamas. The Palestinian people in Gaza, and the refugees of occupied territories in 67 and 48, and Palestinian refugees around the world, are in unison supporting the Palestinian resistance, particularly in Lebanon, which repeatedly have stated that only the armies of the Palestinian resistance’s and its battle against the Zionist enemy, may terminate the criminal policy of the Jewish- Zionist entity.

The resistance in Gaza cannot and will not wait for people and Arab countries, to support the Palestinian people’s resistance. Since they never before, throughout the long, longtime of struggle, expected to receive any support from anyone. The Palestinian resistance in Gaza needs to perform their duty to defend its own people and country. We need people and states, Arab and Muslim to promote our cause, and we free peoples of the world to put pressure on their governments to stop this war – and to break the five year long blockade against Gaza and the city of al-Quds. And the time is long overdue for you all that claim your support the Palestinian people. To be taken seriously, you need to stand up, loudly and clearly proclaim your unreserved and affectionate support of the legitimate armed resistance of the Palestinian people.

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