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decembrie 25, 2012

Netanyahu The Moron & Coward: “What The UN Says Doesn’t Interest Me”

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24th December, 2012 “We live in a Jewish state, and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Western Wall is not occupied territory. We will build in Jerusalem because this is our right. What the UN says doesn’t interest me,” Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel 2.

Typical of Zionist Israel that whenever she suffers a political defeat at the hands of the Palestinians, she lashes out by building settlements. Netanyahu has authorised the settlement building between East Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim, what was once Israel’s largest illegal settlement. The project known as E1, is considered a major step in transforming the status of the settlement. Additionally, to E1, Israel has announced it will build 3,000 new settlement houses inside the West Bank.

But, Netanyahu takes the view that world opinion does not matter and contemptuously dismisses the criticisms by the UN.

Given this arrogance, why do members continue to entertain Zionist Israel’s tantrums and take her seriously? When Zionist Israel and the moronic Netanyahu want to spread insidious propaganda about Iran and others, they do not hesitate to demand that the UN Security Council and members at the General Assembly listen to their nonsense even to the extent of watching their cartoon theatrics.

Netanyahu demands and coerces UN members, specifically to listen to his rabid propaganda mutterings, but he is not willing to listen to the UN and openly flouts UN Security Council’s resolutions.

That being the case, Israel should be expelled from the UN, and if and when Israel implements all past UN Security Council’s resolutions, then and only then  she should be allowed to re-join the UN.

It is hoped that the Non-Aligned Movement under the leadership of Iran would commence the process of expelling Zionist Israel. There is no better time for such a drastic action than now.

Israel has threatened to attack Iran repeatedly in contravention of the UN Charter. Israel is now meddling in the internal affairs of Syria. It is intolerable that Israel should remain a member of the UN when she so flagrantly flouts every article of the UN Charter concerning wars of aggression.

Enough is enough.

Israel must be expelled from the UN. Israel must be isolated, punished for her war crimes against the Palestinians and declared a pariah and her leaders, past and present indicted for war crimes if the world desire global peace.

Zionist Israel and Zionists the world over must be exposed, hunted down, brought to justice in like manner and with the same determination as in the case of other war criminals. There must be no half-measures.

Let us, with one voice cry out – Expel Israel From The United Nations!




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