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Ianuarie 7, 2013

NeoCon Zionism – America’s 5th Column

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American’s “pop culture” news is filled with stories of Iran suffering financially under sanctions. Sitting in a nation, long bankrupt, $16 trillion dollars in debt,  bleeding cash into Israel, money spent to push America into another losing war, and all our press can talk about is Iran.

It would be fair to talk about the worldwide financial meltdown but even then some difficult questions might be asked such as, “Who caused it?”

Nobody wants those answers because then they would have to do something about it.

Thus, the drowning man, going down for the last time, points a finger and laughs at the man on shore who is running short of drinking water and feels smug. His enemy is finally feeling “sanctions” even though the “drowning man” may never live long enough to enjoy the moment of empty triumph.

No one wants to talk about how the War on Terror turned out to be a terror campaign on America. The old America was blown up by the Bush NeoCons, freedoms gone, constant surveillance, a generation of wealth stolen with help of our own Congress, the Money Mullahs.

A page of this history will be the recent scathing Senate report on the billions wasted by the Department of Homeland Security Fusion Centers on make believe Counter-Intel programs. It got it’s one day of publicity, but all the reporting I have read about it so far has a huge missing item.

The billions wasted on the Intel sharing Fusion Center program is just the tip of the iceberg. Sixty billion was admitted to just in WoT contractor fraud alone this past Spring.

The whole war on terror has ended up being a cash cow that has funded those who have turned out to be our most dangerous enemies. Banksters and gangsters teamed up mortgage fraud crooks and Neo-Colonialism hustlers to terrorize America on a scale that no Jihadi ever dreamed possible.

Bush lied to us when he said the Muslims hated us for our freedom and wanted to take that away. The proof? After 911 the State Department did a world wide major survey of Muslim attitudes on America. The results were startling, with upwards to 90% liking the American people and most wanting to move here if they could. The majority of their negative comments all focused around the American ‘government policies’ in the Mid East…not its people.

Bush was of course aware of this study. But he went ahead and shamed our country by lying through his teeth about the Muslims all wanting to come after us. Why did he do it? He knew the report was on record that totally refuted what he was saying.

Bush was not going to let anything get in his way of exploiting 911 to play the big man and go after Saddam. The NeoCon crowd had been harping for years about pre-emptive strikes, eliminating ‘potential’ enemies. Israeli Intelligence was all on board and the Lobby made sure their Congressional lackies followed suit.

Rumsfeld Resigns

Donald Rumsfeld is on record for stating that we had spent all this money on the American military, it should be used for something, I guess like starting some wars.

And of course he was the ‘war on the cheap’ architect, the modern neo-warrior. Victory will not take long, the cost predictable. We can put in another puppet government to deal with the locals with their cheap soldiers and expensive American weapons.

Almost everything they told us was a lie, the estimates that we could recover the Iraq war cost with just a few years of Iraqi oil revenues, that there would be no real resistance because we would build Disney land parks, MacDonalds, and bring Madonna in for free concerts so everyone would love America.

The NeoCon crowd was clueless and delusional about what was facing them. Anybody in the Pentagon who put legitimate warnings on the table was purged. General Shinseki was the first of many.

Terror started in the Pentagon. Open your mouth and you got kicked out, period. The officer corp got the message and the dual Israeli citizens there were keeping name lists. Yes, the Pentagon has a 5th column looking out after you know who’s interests.

But there was something else they were not delusional about. They were going to ride the war not only to the big pot of gold from the war economy, but use it to fund themselves through corrupt contracting graft to continually fund their own shadow intelligence and special ops capability.

The war contracting graft was just a jump start. They were also looking at oil and taking over the heroin business. Someone came up with the concept that leaving it in the hands of drug dealers was a national security risk.

So American servicemen and women would fight and die for oil pipelines and a War on Terror excuse that would put an Amway billionaire’s son-in-law in the private army business, funded by the American taxpayer, but available to moonlight on jobs not for the home team, but someone else’s…their own.

Veterans Today still has an award out for a photo of the Taliban’s flying stealth  mules who are airlifting that $60 billion in heroin out of Afghanistan and into the criminal cabal coffers. The cabal makes a good part of that available to buy both political and prosecution protection from current and future national leaderships who want to say goodbye to campaign funding problems.

Mountains of drugs still flowing despite all the hi-tech surveillance

Our Supreme Court left the foreign campaign funding back door wide open with their Citizens United case ruling. And our Intel sources tell us that international drug dealers were not only attending Romney’s fundraisers overseas, but even got to fly on his plane.

If you are thinking that I forgot about the wasted billions, I did not. The folks back home, the ‘right folks’, they have to get a little piece of the war pie, also. Funding poured into the new homeland security and it was looted and pilfered to the best of the insiders abilities.

To most American politicians and constituents there is no such thing as wasted funding as long as they are getting it. Taking good care of state law enforcement is always a political priority. And when the recession started kicking in with forced early retirements and layoffs even for government workers, taking care of those people buys you a lot of campaign support..

The DHS Fusion Center billions, coordinating federal and state Intel, were used as a piggy bank for law enforcement. The report describes training for personnel as only FIVE days (the bells went ringing on that) and the states would be put in control of how the money was spent. In plain English that meant it would replace budget cuts in departments with Fed funded patronage…and to buy tech toys.

And because they all knew there was no real terrorism going on here, there would be plenty of money to divert, and divert they did. As for reports, they just generated some garbage, some so bad they shocked the investigators. Six hundred reviewed for one year had nothing to do with terrorism.

There was no Federal oversight for the first five years folks. This was not left out by accident. It was a designed graft fraud by people who already had a lot of experience in doing this. With no real terrorists to catch, the Barney Fife’s at the Fusion Centers started making up threats.

The corruption went so deep that we had reports of the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center  infiltrating DHS to get some bad reports issues on new fund raising threats they wanted to publicize.

On the list along with the hyped up militia threat, were the War on Terror vets returning to a county where traitors here were stealing their tax money, putting their families in debt, and using them as ‘fill in’ terrorists to keep their paychecks flowing. That is why I used the title above. These people are the real terrorists, and the worst ones.


Were the FBI sting operations used to manufacture WoT statistics?

The FBI and DoJ do not escape scott free. To generate some statistics for their anti-terrorist work they began their sting operations, most of them shocking in their transparent entrapment.


The Intel community was embarrassed and ashamed by these, particularly the Hutaree Militia case, which was dismissed. We noticed that often these cases seemed to break into the news at politically important times.

After all their lies, all of their failures, their looting and selling the troops out for thirty pieces of silver there is a lot less loyalty to the command structure. Everyone in a position to be crooked is considered a potential threat and dealt with as such.

Fifty percent of West Pointers are punching out after their five year commitment. I have interviewed some of their parents. Many saw it all for what it was, a mercenary imperial exercise of looting and graft that had absolutely nothing to do with protecting America. We could have done a better job defending ourselves by building hospitals and schools throughout the Muslim world at a fraction of the war cost and saved all of those lives and the suffering.

So I close by asking our Muslim friends out there to remember this distinction. You have enemies here for sure, as you do over there. We can even give you their names. But they do not include most Americans, nor even much of the military returning from the theaters.

Who would want to be ruled over by American gangsters? We don’t here. Maybe we can work out some kind of deal together to get rid of ours, the militant Israelis, the drug dealer cabal and the market bombers, so we could be free of them all. May God help to do so, as we really it.




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  1. A brilliant article.

    See how crafty the Jew is here. He tells people to believe in a mythical Jesus, assuring them through his false Schofield Bible how well they are doing by opposing him by being Christians, whilst he conditions them to humble themselves, and all the while he gets them to fight all his Middle East race hate wars for him, and gets them to be his slaves in supporting Israel financially, whilst everyone waits for a Jesus who will never come, because the Jews made him up.

    See the book ‘The Diegesis: Being a Discovery of the Origin, Evidences, and Early History of Christianity’ (1829) Author: Reverend Robert Taylor, which you can download in full for free, which expertly discloses the origin of the Jesus myth. The Jews cunningly give credence to Jesus as having genuinely existed in their Talmud, as a deliberate ploy to fool the Gentiles into placing their faith in thin air.

    The Jews pay for their proxy armies of NATO and so on through banking fraud. Stop that financial fraud and you stop the Jews taking over the world. Mercenaries will not fight unless they are being paid.

    Fractional reserve banking is the Jewish means of enforcing slavery over all in an unseen manner, lending only one tenth real money on a mortgage loan, to be repaid over 25 years, with ninety percent of the sum lent fraudulently invented from thin air, just as any criminal counterfeiter would, and then the Jewish banks demand thirty times the actual amount lent back, and not the mere three times the amount that you might at first sight suppose, thus introducing massive inflation into the economy.

    This is why people are in such poverty, as all that defrauded money goes to pay for the Jewish NWO war machine, and the Gentiles’ lives are destroyed through having to keep their noses to the grindstone, when in truth, using the labour-saving devices of today, and abstaining from feeding the parasitic war machine, would mean that we would live far more prosperously and only have to work a ten or fifteen hour week, with plenty for all, and free time to cultivate our intellects, and spiritual lives, as well as build a much better society, with much better houses with gardens to allow us to produce our own food, around massive parks to make all living areas beautiful. The Jewish Communist plan is to place us in concrete jungles, like battery hens, where we can all be starved to death in a few days whenever they wish.

    We must find a means to rid the world of the international Jewish fractional reserve banking system and all other forms of usury, whilst not taking away the principle of being allowed to make a healthy profit as a reward for individual initiative and hard work.

    Actually, the Jews really have something very wrong with them at present that they are not prepared to face, that they could in fact be cured of, and if that happened, their incessant paranoia, blood-lust and megalomania might be somewhat reduced, that is, if the Jewish pseudo-religion were to be banned as a criminal terrorist cult all round the world at the same time to help expedite their cure.

    The following article is most interesting: ‘Is Mental Illness the Jewish Disease?’
    Physician Claims Jews are Schizo Carriers


    Comentariu de Mikutza CE Kurai — Ianuarie 24, 2013 @ 5:51 am | Răspunde

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